Apple’s new “Relax, it’s iPhone” ads praise durability and splash resistance

With the iPhone 13 doing particularly well this summer, Apple’s aired two new ads highlighting the device’s durability and water resistance.

A scene from Apple's iPhone 13 ad, dubbed “Shake,” depicting a wet dog shaking to dry off next to a young woman sitting by the pool
The iPhone 13 has the same water resistance as 12 | Image: Apple / YouTube
  • Two new video commercials focused on the iPhone 13 series were posted on the official Apple YouTube channel, each running forty seconds long.
  • The first ad, dubbed “Edge,” promotes Ceramic Shield, a Gorilla Glass alternative made by embedding colorless ceramic nanocrystals into the glass matrix.
  • The second one, titled “Shake,” praise the iPhone 13’s water and dust resistance.

iPhone 13: “Edge”

Ceramic Shield is found on all iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models. Interestingly, the material is made by Corning, which is the same company that makes Gorilla Glass used on many Android smartphones and prior iPhone models. Apple made some pretty lofty claims about this ceramic-hardened front glass, touting four times more robust drop performance over the previous dual-ion exchange-strengthened glass on the iPhone 11. Read: How to unlock your iPhone with your voice

iPhone 13: “Shake”

Song: “Cold as Ice” by Bekon [Apple Music link]

In terms of a splash, water and dust resistance, the current iPhone 13 models has the same durability as the iPhone 12 family before it. Both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are rated with IP68 water resistance, which means these phones can be dunked in water up to six meters deep for about thirty minutes.

What’s Apple’s message here?

So there you have it, there’s nothing about these ads that’s exclusive to the iPhone 13. Basically, Apple is advertising the Ceramic Shield protection and water resistance on the iPhone 13 as if the iPhone 12 models had a weaker glass and weren’t as resistant to water. On the other hand, you’d always want to advertise your current product so these ads are right on point. The timing is interesting though, with just a few weeks left until Apple shares news about its latest creation—the iPhone 14.

Strong iPhone 13 sales this summer

Apple no longer reports iPhone sales in terms of the numbers of units sold, leaving it to research firms to estimate sales. And research firms are estimating that the iPhone 13 is selling particularly well this summer. iPhone sales normally drop over the summer as consumers hold off their purchases in anticipation of new models.

According to Counterpoint Research, the iPhone took the top four spots and five of the top 10 spots in April 2022, emerging on top of its global best-selling smartphone list. Apple will soon report June quarter results, showing how well the iPhone 13 has performed in April, May and June.

Apple will share results concerning the June quarter on Thursday, July 28, 2022, via a press release half an hour before the markets close. The official release will be followed by a conference call with Wall Street investors and analysts at 2:00pm PT / 5pm ET. Read: Things to do (and not do) when selling your iPhone