Blocking all app tracking in iOS 14.5 won’t stop Apple itself from serving personalized ads

Ad executives are saying that Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency rules in iOS 14.5 could be beneficial to ad agencies and other clients that use Apple’s own advertising platform.

Misleading advertising: Apple no longer claims the Pro Display XDR goes “far beyond HDR”

Pro Display XDR

Apple must add a footnote to its Pro Display XDR product page in the United Kingdom to clarify the monitor’s P3 wide color gamut in stricter terms than before to stop misleading users.

Apple’s new iPhone ad suggests the Ceramic Shield cover glass is unbreakable

Apple would have you believe that its new cover glass formula that the company haS devised for the iPhone 12 is unbreakable although nothing could be farther from the truth—glass does break and shatter if hit at the right angle or dropped from the right height.

A cringey Facebook video tries to sell the idea of privacy-breaching personalized ads

Facebook has launched a new campaign to tell the world that small businesses operating on its social platforms rely heavily on personalized advertising. It includes a video, titled “Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found,” featuring Houston-based fashion brand House of Takura. The company omits the fact that targeted advertising available on its platforms is a result of massive privacy breaches. Facebook is vehemently opposing Apple’s upcoming App Tracking Transparency initiative that will require iOS apps to seek user permission to track users.

Here comes Apple’s holiday ad featuring the HomePod mini, AirPods Pro and Tierra Whack

Ahead of Black Friday which will mark the beginning of the lucrative holiday season, Apple has now shared its holiday-themed video advertisement through its official YouTube channel.

Watch Apple’s inaugural promo video for the new iPad Air 4 (aka the iPad Pro killer)

Apple today introduced its fourth-generation iPad Air. With an iPad Pro-esque design and so much advanced technology, including Apple’s A14 chip currently not found in any other Apple device, small wonder it’s already been dubbed the iPad Pro killer.