Apple wants you to know how durable the Apple Watch is ahead of a rugged model

Apple’s new commercial, focused on the durability of its Apple Watch Series 7, arrives weeks ahead of a rumored rugged model that should launch in the fall.

  • The Apple Watch Series 7 is “the most durable Apple Watch ever,” but Apple may need to revisit that statement in case it does launch a rugged model in the fall.
  • This isn’t the only ad about the device’s durability: The very first Apple Watch Series 7 ad focused solely on the device’s bigger screen and “epic durability.”
  • A rugged Apple Watch would feature a hardened casing and possibly additional features to make it appealing to extreme sports athletes, hikers, bikers, etc.

Apple’s new ad is all about the Apple Watch’s durability

Published on Apple’s YouTube channel, the 90-second video features quick scenes depicting folks using Series 7 watches in challenging conditions. Set to “Power of My Love” by Jack White [Apple Music link], the video depicts various athletes working out while wearing the watch, like a tennis player who thrusts himself into the ground, hitting a mud hole with their wrist while wearing an Apple Watch. The ad goes through a bunch of similar energetic scenes, almost making you believe you were watching an ad for a rugged Apple Watch that should’ve launched back in 2021.

The most crack-resistant screen to date

A closeup of a tennis player's forearm hitting the mud while wearing an Apple Watch Series 7 on their wrist and squeezing a racket in their hand
This ad as a prelude to a rugged Apple Watch? | Image: Apple / YouTube

The current Apple Watch Series 7 model has a display that’s more crack and dust resistant than any previous model. This indeed makes it the most durable Apple Watch ever built. But not for too long, it would seem, because a rugged Apple Watch may come out this year, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. He said back in 2021 that a rugged Apple Watch would launch in 2021, but no one has corroborated the rumor. It didn’t come true anyway so Gurman in the summer of 2021 said the so-called Apple Watch Explorer would arrive in Fall 2022.

But we’re getting a rugged watch in 2023, no?

So who’s to say that a rugged Apple Watch is indeed coming in 2022 and not in 2023 or 2024? Mark Gurman, of course! Listen, Gurman’s had his share of misses but his track record in terms of reporting about Apple remains among the best in business. As far as our opinion goes, we previously noted that a rugged watch is precisely what Apple needs to compete with Garmin, Casio and other watches aimed at extreme athletes. Read: The best rugged cases for the Apple Watch Series 6