Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 gets the teardown treatment, reveals changes to display and more

While Apple didn't appear to go out of its way to brand the Apple Watch Series 7 as the biggest update to the smartwatch to date, there are quite a few updates. That includes the slightly larger case sizes in comparison to the previous model. And we can't forget the larger display, thanks to those slightly smaller bezels. The whole thing still looks like an Apple Watch, but it's got some important alterations. And now we've got a look under the hood, too.

Apple Watch Series 7 tech specs

Today, you can order a brand new Apple Watch Series 7 if you are so inclined. While some initial orders are set to arrive on October 15, it looks like a lot of orders have already been pushed back to late October or early November. Which gives you a bit more time to go over the technical specifications of Apple's newest smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 7 prices have reportedly been revealed

Apple Watch Series 7 lineup is arriving in stores on Friday, October 15

We're not that far away from Apple giving the green light to orders for the Apple Watch Series 7. The brand new smartwatch, which features a larger display among other changes, is set to launch on Friday, October 8. But, oddly enough, if you were to go to Apple's website and try to find out how much each model costs, you'd come up empty handed.