Refurbished Apple Watch Series 7 now available from Apple

While it’s not guaranteed, it’s usually a safe bet that, at some point after a new product’s launch, Apple will start offering refurbished models to help would-be customers save some money. It’s usually several months later, like it is now for the Apple Watch Series 7. But the wait is over for folks who’ve been waiting for this particular smartwatch to land in Apple’s online store dedicated to refurbished products.

A side view of all the Apple Watch Series 7 models and colors
Image credit: Apple

Apple is now officially selling the Apple Watch Series 7 as a refurbished option. This particular version of Apple’s ridiculously popular smartwatch lineup went up for sale initially in September of last year. But if you opt for the refurbished option you can save some money up front, while still getting a one-year warranty and some extra goodies.

As far as what’s available, there’s not a lot. There are several color options, thankfully, including blue and black and green, among others. You won’t be saving hundreds, though. Apple’s refurbished Apple Watch Series 7 with a 41mm band starts at $339, which is down $60 from the standard $399.

If you go with the 45mm option, though, you can save $70 with its $359.00 price tag, compared to the standard $429.00.

There is only aluminum models, though. So you won’t be able to get a stainless steel variant through Apple’s refurbished storefront at this time. That may change in the future, but, for now, it’s only the aluminum.

Now, here’s what you get with a refurbished Apple Watch Series 7:

  • One-year warranty
  • Free delivery and returns
  • The original Operating System or a newer version already installed
  • Thorough cleaning and full functional testing
  • All accessories and cables, and a brand new box

Buying refurbished from Apple has always been a solid option, especially for folks who simply want to save some money but still want to buy from Apple directly. So, now the Apple Watch Series 7 is part of the offering, which is good news.