Apple is now offering refurbished iPhone 13 models

Apple has begun selling refurbished iPhone 13 models in some European countries, with availability soon expanding to customers in the United States.

Holding green iPhone 13 in front of green bushes
  • What’s happening? Apple is now offering a refurbished iPhone 13 lineup in Europe and will soon start selling these good-as-new devices to US customers.
  • Why care? Refurbished models are discounted vs. their brand-new counterparts.
  • What to do? Customers interested in a refurbished iPhone 13 should keep tabs on the online Apple store in their country.

Apple now offering the refurbished iPhone 13 lineup

Folks in the United Kingdom and European markets like Germany, Italy and Spain can now buy refurbished iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, MacRumors notes. Prices are discounted by fifteen percent versus the equivalent brand-new models. The standard iPhone 13 is not yet available refurbished.

The phones are listed on Apple’s refurbished iPhone store in the United States but are currently greyed out. In other words, they’re definitely coming to US customers soon. If you’ve been looking for a deal on the iPhone 13 lineup, you should consider getting one of these refurbished devices—especially knowing Apple no longer offers new iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models.

Are refurbished iPhones worth the money?

Selling iPhones that are more than one year old for fifteen percent less than new doesn’t sound like a good deal at all. Many third-party retailers will sell you a brand-new iPhone 13 at a lower price than Apple, so what exactly is the incentive there?

Well, before putting them back on sale, refurbished models are spiffed up by Apple and they’re eligible for the extended AppleCare+ coverage.

What goes into each refurbished iPhone

All refurbished iPhones have a new battery and a new outer shell. They’re repackaged in a brand-new box with all accessories and cables, backed by Apple’s standard one-year warranty.

These phones had been used as display models in stores, or customers returned them or traded them in, and so forth. Apple nots that because stock fluctuates, availability is only guaranteed once the company receives your full payment.” Refurbished iPhones also have free delivery and returns.