How to save money on Apple products by buying refurbished


I'm always on the lookout for a good deal when it comes time to buy new gear, and I hate paying full retail for anything. When it comes time to replace my Mac, iPhone, iPad or other Apple accessory, I hunt around, hitting the retailers who I know offer deep discounts, and I use bargain hunting apps and services too. There's one place I always check out, and often find the best deals on Apple gear, however: Apple's web site itself. More specifically, the Certified Refurbished section of Apple's web site. That's often where you'll find the best deals.

Dutch court rules Apple cannot replace broken iOS gadgets with refurbished or remanufactured ones

A judge in the Subdistrict Court of Amsterdam has ruled that Apple cannot replace broken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices with refurbished or remanufactured units, Dutch outlet Tweakers reported Tuesday. That ruling arrived after a similar decision in December 2016 forced the Cupertino giant to replace a Danish man’s broken iPhone with a new unit rather than a refurbished model that he was entitled to in accordance with local law.

Samsung confirms it will recycle Note 7, sell it refurbished

Samsung today confirmed plans to salvage components from its discontinued Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and reuse some of the parts in the refurbished Note 7 devices “where applicable.”

Prior reports claimed modified versions of the troublesome Galaxy Note 7 would be sold in emerging markets, including India and Vietnam.

Apple renews efforts to sell used iPhones in India

Apple is planning to kick off local iPhone production in India by the summer. While a final decision has yet to be made regarding a number of concessions Apple is seeking from the government before setting up a production plant in the country, the company is now said to be reviving efforts to sell used iPhones in the massive 1.25 billion people country.

As per Bloomberg, Apple's previous proposal regarding selling refurbished iPhones was met with heavy resistance so the firm's put back its request on the table, ensuring government officials that used devices would be compliant with quality standards.