Peter Cohen

The Apple Cinema HD Display, 15 years later

Apple 30-inch Cinema HD Display

Apple gear is built to last. But 15 years is an almost inconceivably long time for a single piece of computer equipment to work at all, let alone work well. Does an old relic from 2004 - Apple's Cinema HD Display - serve its purpose well enough to keep up with today's equipment? That's what iDB's resident video editor Harris Craycraft recently wondered.

Free DoubleTake app turns your iPhone into multi-cam studio


Filmic captured a lot of iPhone users' interest last fall when they gave a demonstration of their Filmic Pro app running on the new iPhone 11 Pro, for its ability to capture video simultaneously from multiple iPhone cameras. Now the company has released that functionality in a free app called DoubleTake, which is now available for download from the App Store. And it works with iPhone models besides the iPhone 11.

The iPad ten years later: Maturing into its own

iPad family

On this day in 2010, Apple first introduced the iPad to the public. Apple set in motion the rise of an entirely new segment of the mobile computing market. Ten years later and with hundreds of millions sold, Apple has evolved the iPad into its device computing platform - one that may ultimately be as transformative as Macintosh was 36 years ago.

Editor’s Desk: Apple’s changing encryption story, patient data access

Apple's Health app icon

A news story at the beginning of the week shows a very changing position for Apple, which has focused for years on customer data access freedom and privacy but appears to have changed its tune when it comes to encryption. There's also news from the electronic medical records (EMR) industry, which may get shaken up this year thanks to new rules imposed by a federal government agency that oversees how medical records are maintained.

What happens when your smart home is obsolete?

A recent controversy sparked by smart speaker maker Sonos illustrates the dangers of building a smart home. What happens when the technology you build your home on is suddenly obsolete? That's the quandary that many Sonos customers are facing this week after the company announced the end of support for its oldest products, some of which have been in use for more than a decade.

Sonos to nix support for older devices in May [Updated]

Smart speaker maker Sonos announced Tuesday that it is phasing out development for several of its oldest products. The company said in a blog post that it will no longer update software or add new features for original Zone Players, Connect, Connect:Amp, first-generation Play:5, CR200, and Bridge devices beginning in May.

How worried should you be about Apple and end-to-end encryption?

A new report out today says that Apple has not implemented end to end encryption on iCloud backups at the behest of the FBI. Apple hasn't verified the report, but it has other reasons not to encrypt iCloud backups. In the end, I don't worry too much about the absence of end-to-end encryption in iCloud, because it's to my benefit. Let me explain.

Dave & Buster’s customers save 50% on gameplay with Apple Pay

Dave & Buster's

The American restaurant and entertainment business Dave & Buster's is advertising a new promotion for Apple Pay users. For a limited time you can get 50% off your first gameplay purchase when you reload your "Power Card" using Apple Pay. The company is advertising the deal in nationwide television ads, on its web site and in email promotions sent to customers.