iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple is still bundling EarPods with new iPhones in France

Considering it sells products all over the globe, Apple has to contend with local regulations and laws in order to do that successfully. Or at all. Which means, while it may institute some new rules for its business practice in one region, that might not be possible in another. Like bundling wired headphones with new iPhones.

Tests show the iPhone 13 Pro Max is capable of charging up to 27W speeds

When it comes to charging, there are a few different options to go with. You could go with the wired choice, and then you can choose either slow, standard, or fast charging. Or you can go with the wireless charging route, and yet again slow or quick. But if you choose to go with the fastest, then it might be nice to know just how fast you can go.

Some iPhone 13 owners running into ‘Unable to Communicate with Apple Watch’ error trying to unlock with a mask

The iPhone 13 is barely out there in the wild, but it appears many owners are running into some issues. This time around it's related to the iPhone's ability to unlock via Face ID and an Apple Watch. The feature launched in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, so those with a Face ID-equipped iPhone could unlock their device without punching in their PIN. However, some iPhone 13 owners are running into some issues with that particular feature.