Purple is the new pink (and blue), says another iPhone 14 rumor

Apple might supplant the pink color with a new dark purple iPhone 14 option while the Sierra Blue colorway will be ditched for a dark shade of purple.

Aerial view of the main entrance to the Apple Park headquarters
An aerial view of the Apple Park headquarters | Image: Carles Rabada / Unsplash
  • What’s happening? Apple leaker “yeux1122” learned from a “US developer source” that Apple will axe its pink and Sierra Blue color options from this year’s iPhone 14 lineup, replacing them with shades of purple.
  • Why care? Because colors are exciting and we’ve never had a pink iPhone. And if the rumors are true, this purple should only be visible at certain angles.
  • What to do? Visualize your favorite color, contemplating whether it would be the right fit for your next iPhone.

iPhone 14: Purple is the new pink

Specifically, Apple is rumored to ditch the Sierra Blue color option from the existing iPhone 13 Pro lineup and replace it with a dark purple version. Basically, “yeux1122” appears to have corroborated earlier information from the Twitter user @Jioriku, who also shared accurate prerelease information in the past.

A video of an iPhone 14 Pro dummy unit, which we’ve included right ahead, helps visualize the new color which only becomes fully visible at certain angles.

The effect is similar to a dark shade of green on Nokia’s legendary 7110 handset (from the first Matrix movie), which also appears at certain angles only.

The same laker shared other tidbits concerning the iPhone 14 lineup.

How durable will the iPhone 14 be?

There won’t be a more durable model made out of titanium because Apple apparently decided to drop it due to “cost and manufacturing process issues.”

Like the current iPhone 13 family, all iPhone 14 models are expected to utilize Apple’s Ceramic Shield on the front and Corning’s Gorilla Glass for back protection. And lastly, “yeux1122” says we can expect a bit stronger MagSafe magnets that will make using MagSafe accessories even safer than before.

iPhone 14 Pro: Dark purple is the new blue

The same leaker claims that Apple will also supplant the Sierra Blue color option that the company originally introduced with the iPhone 13 Pro in 2021 with a dark shade of purple. Apple offers the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini in six color options: Green, Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight and PRODUCT(RED).

As for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, those devices are currently offered in these Apple-named colors: Alpine Green, Silver, Gold, Graphite and Sierra Blue.

A colorful lineup

Not that long ago, iPhone colors used to be limited to silver, PRODUCT(RED) and various variants of black color. Nowadays, iPhones are offered in several attractive colorways. Because color is a matter of personal preference, the right color can increase sales. Read: How to add a contact to your iPhone’s home screen

Apple sometimes leverages this phenomenon by releasing a new color in the middle of the iPhone’s product cycle. The iPhone 13 is a good example of that. Even though the iPhone 13 family had originally launched in September 2021, Apple waited six months before introducing a green color option in March 2022.