iPhone 14 rumored to add purple color, 30W charging, same storage, and more

It has been rumored since earlier this year that Apple is probably going to replace one color in the iPhone 14 lineup, especially in the Pro series, with a new option. It has been the company’s go-to move for a while now, so it stands to reason that trend will continue this year. And for fans of purple, the wait is almost over.

We’re likely right around a month away from Apple unveiling its brand new iPhone lineup, and, according to a new rumor, purple is going to be added to the mix this year. In the case of the iPhone 14, the new purple shade will reportedly replace the pink option, while for the iPhone 14 Pro lineup purple will replace Sierra Blue.

The new rumors, which include a look at some other changes coming to the new iPhone lineup, come from Twitter user @Jioriku, who has shared accurate prerelease information in the past. According to the rumor, Apple is going with green, purple, black, blue, white, and red (probably PRODUCT(RED)) for the iPhone 14 lineup. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 handsets will reportedly come in Graphite, silver, purple, green, and gold.

The full Twitter thread has a lot of information within. Including the poster’s expectation that Apple is going to not only stick with the same materials for each phone, but also that Apple is not going to be making any changes to storage options this year, either. Jioriku says that Apple is going to include support for 30W wired charging, too, saying, “30W charging for 30W or higher bricks for the first bit of a charge cycle. Drops down to 27-25W (depends on heat) so results may vary. Note this wired. Wireless is staying the same.”

The poster adds that MagSafe magnets will be slightly stronger in this year’s iPhone lineup, and says that the Always On Display feature won’t be enabled by default. And, from there, says that the Always On Display feature will simply be a reflection of the Lock Screen, with the same widgets installed there shown while the AOD feature is turned on.

Go check out the full Twitter thread over on @Jioriku‘s account, it’s certainly worth a look. Based on what we’ve heard regarding the iPhone 14 so far, are you looking forward to upgrading this year?