How to use the redesigned date and time picker in iOS and iPadOS 14

Enhanced Date Time Picker Calendar iPad

Sometimes it’s those small improvements that make a big difference. With iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple updated the date (calendar) picker that you use in apps like Reminders and Calendar. No longer do you have to spin the wheel to choose your date and time.

This enhancement lets you select the exact date and time much quicker with a clearer view and simpler method of selection. Here, we’ll show you what’s new with and how to use the redesigned date picker on iPhone and iPad.

Pick your date with a calendar view

When you add a due date to a Reminder or event in Calendar, you’ll notice some appearance changes. With rounded corners and brighter colors, the date and time fields stand out.

Tap to add the date and you’ll see a nice calendar view rather than that wheel.

Use the arrows on the top right to move between months. If you tap the arrow next to the current month and year, you will see the wheel, so it’s not gone for good. But this provides you a fast way to select a different year if needed. Just tap to select your date.

Enhanced Date Picker Calendar iPad

Pick your time with the keypad

When you enter a time for your reminder or event, you’ll now see a nifty little keypad pop open. This is a great improvement over the wheel method. Tap to select each number as well as AM or PM.

Enhanced Time Picker Calendar iPad

Wrapping it up

The enhanced date and time picker with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 really is a terrific improvement. The new tool makes selecting dates and times easier and clearer than before.

What do you think, are you happy to see a new date and time selector on iPhone and iPad? Let us know! You can comment below or hit us up on Twitter!