50 More Jailbreak tweaks TaiG iOS 8.3

A couple of days ago, we posted 50 tweaks to try out on iOS 8.3. Is that the end of the great jailbreak tweaks? Not at all! Today, we follow up with 50 additional jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8.3. If you’re looking to try something new, or you’re completely new to jailbreaking, then you need to watch this video.

Full tweak list

All tweaks are on default Cydia repos unless otherwise specified.

Want more in-depth coverage of these jailbreak tweaks and others? Have a look at our jailbreak apps and tweaks page. We’ve posted thousands of articles on the many jailbreak tweaks that have graced Cydia.

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  • skepticatbest


  • Croak

    Awesome! Thanks Jeff.

  • dnice

    The angelxwind URL doesn’t work

    • Chris

      Looks like the server is down, Karen should let everyone know via Twitter (angelXwind) when it’s back.

  • Paweł Ługowski

    What about iBlacklist?

    • dnice

      it works. and has been updated.

  • nfinite

    great post.. thanks..

  • Fahad

    hey jeff, its says I cant purchase polus because its not compatible

    • JohnChristopher

      Polus is working for me but Cydia claims iTouchSecure is incompatible.

  • Blip dude

    You know what, I’m just gonna go ahead and get Biolockdown. I’m starting to doubt A3 tweaks and I think my days of buying anything A3 will slowly come to an end. No updates from them and at all. I’ve been waiting for an Asphaleia since I got the iPhone 6 plus but I’m done waiting. I just hope this iDB would not praised them as much. I’m quite surprised Auxo LE was even updated for iOS 8.3 so quick.

    • Chris

      Auxo LE was reported as working without any updates.

      • Blip dude

        Really?? Because I noticed a version change. Before iOS 8.3 it was 1.0.1 now it’s 1.0.2 unless that change happened a while back.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Been emailing and tweeting A3Tweaks, Ryan and Sentry for weeks about AuxoLE needing an update on account of 2 big issues I found with it but never got a reply about that. Even sent them a link for a video on YouTube on one of the issues.

      • That’s because those “developers” are a complete waste of time. Bunch of deadbeats

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        I really don’t expect them to fix the issues right away, but at least reply to either of my numerous tweets or emails. Even had a friend on Twitter send an iMessage to Sentry about the issue on my behalf, nothing. Seeing that they are active now on Twitter for the last 10 or so days, a reply acknowledging my query or that they’ve received my query would be greatly appreciated.

      • Andy

        Well, Auxo LE is developed by Ryan Petrich, who actually does try to keep his tweaks up to date.

  • Der Faust

    add “FakeCarrier” to the list :)…installed and everything seems good:)

  • Irishantichrist

    Am I being dumb as I don’t see any video?!

    • Chris

      Not the only one, the YouTube ID is: 64gTNc5jibo

  • marco v berlo

    don’t forgot conversationpics

  • aquil faris

    Cccontrols go into safe mode every time i use it

    • Alberto Espinal

      Me too, use CCSettings8 it works!!

  • Range

    Anyone have a working QC/QR tweak? (third party apps namely Whatsapp too?)

    IMN and Couria don’t work

    • Norbi Whitney

      It appears IMN was updated soon after your comment. Have a try now.

  • LeonLink

    Is someone experiencing that Lockglyph tweak doesn’t reproduce sound when iPhone is unlocked on iOS 8.3?

    • dnice

      yeah same for me on my 8.3 iphone 6+, but my friend has it on his 8.3 iphone 6+ and his sound works. weird issue.

      • LeonLink

        A friend of mine doesn’t have the file on iPad ios 8.3. It’s really strange…

      • Mark Hardin

        Lockglyph hasnt been playing any sounds since the first update after initial release, at least for me.

      • LeonLink

        There is the option in settings app. Maybe you can’t get it to work because of my same problem. Try to check if you have the payment_success.wav file

  • mohammed kabir

    Slices is not working on whatsapp

  • Mark Hardin

    This is a post I put in the original 50 tweaks, in this one I see that he put some of the ones I tried in this one. These are some of the tweaks I tested out and they work perfectly with no problems also.

    AdBlocker 2
    BytaFont 2
    FakeTimeWarner (FTW)
    NoIconDot 8
    Prettier Banners

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Add Activator.

    • Mark Hardin

      That was in the first list on another post. This post is for a second list of 50.

  • GzyOnline

    does anyone know if Keyfault (found on FilippoBiga’s repo) works on iOS 8.3?

  • Freddy Born

    videopane does NOT work.

    • Mark Hardin

      its working for me on my i6 8.3

  • Vidro

    Anyone else using CCControls? Mine crashes the springboard still when I use it.

  • Steve Davidson

    anyone know if there’s an app switcher tweak that looks like ios 9’s new switcher? Or something similar?

    • Mark Hardin

      there isnt yet, closest thing could we 3Dswitcher

      • Steve Davidson

        yeah, I tried it and got rid of it, I want that time machine carousel style. Even the android app switcher is cool, reminds me of the tabs in safari. Switchability was cool but very bad execution, it looked like a 2d version of safari tabs. Anything like these that performs would be nice but I haven’t found anything yet

  • Youssuf

    CCControls Crashes!!

  • behrad

    how to bring back ios 6 keyboard on iphone 6 ios 8 ??? classickeys doesnt work it was work on 8.1.2

  • jilex

    i cannot add the repo for gba4ios, it says it doesnt exist

  • Bugzy

    Below tweaks work on my i6 8.3 that are not on the list. No issues.

    iTouchSecure for iOS8
    VirtualHome 8

    • Mark Hardin

      some are on this list and some were on the other list they posted but thanks

  • Bjones331

    Should I upgrade my phone to iOS 8.3 and jailbreak? I’m on iOS 8.1 and jailbroken with now issues, should I stay or join iOS 8.3?

    • I’m staying. Don’t care what any blog says, it’s not worth the hassle. Virtual machine bs ftl.

      • Bjones331

        I agree. I’ve been reading too much bs about, this failed, it doesn’t work, download this and that. Mine works just fine so no upgrade for me

      • baddestsammaritan

        I shoulda stayed put on 8.1 > stuck on 10% 20% and 60% on TaiG despite downgrading to iTunes 12.0, and having passcode and find iphone turned off. Spent a good part of the day trying to sift thru forums to find something that works. Got none. Mud.

      • Mark Hardin

        I posted this on the post: Still having problems jailbreaking 8.3.

        OK here is what I did to FINALLY get my jailbreak to go through.

        FIrst, I restored to a brand new 8.3 software. Restored backup from itunes afterwards. Used Windows Vista 32 bit, 32 bit is probably best for TaiG.
        I ran TaiG as Admin, unchecked 3K app (who would install that anyway lol), made sure touch id and passcode was off, of course. Now here is the tricks that helped me acheive jailbreak. In itunes, I went to edit>preference>devices tab>and clicked to prevent auto sync then closed itunes (very important). Also did what everyone said to do for the 60% error which was put phone in airplane mode. Then just jailbroke the phone and within a couple mins, BAM! it was done.

      • baddestsammaritan

        Got it cheers. You’re right about restoring from backup in itunes – i think that finally did the trick. And now I’m nearly at full capacity storage for some reason… what is that?

      • Chris Ryan

        Disable location services, and put phone into airplane mode as will. Works perfectly here

  • Alberto Espinal

    Ccsettings8 works too!

  • Alberto Espinal

    Cccontrols doesn’t work, every time i try to toggle something it crashes!!

  • Alberto Espinal

    Ikeywi 3 works as well, tried it myself!!

  • Alberto Espinal

    Fuse, Showcase, RecordPause are also Compatibles

  • JQ2

    I have a blank screen when trying to install activator. iPhone 6, 8.3 TaiG jailbreak.

  • Alberto Espinal

    ImageBoard is working too

  • NoX1De

    Were all of these tweaks actually test and confirmed to be working & compatible with iOS 8.3?!?? Or did you just post a bunch of random good tweaks?? Hmmm…..

    • Mark Hardin

      They all work, i have some-most of them

  • Imran Ar

    is NighMode working?

  • Infinidock still not compatible with 8.3

  • crcking


  • Rguezlp

    I recently buy the mini player in cydia,but the Art network Is not working,any solution???

  • KC s

    Cc toggles actually works better the cc controls I keep getting safe mode with cc controls I try cc toggles and it’s flawless

  • Jason Masters

    Does the iTunes Radio unlimited tweak still work or is it no longer relevant ??

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    StatusVolX does NOT work for me. No Settings pane, not showing up, nothing. StatusVol2 works, but it looks plain ugly.