11 tweaks to look over this weekend

Cydia iPhone 6

A week just ended, and a new one is starting, which gives us an opportunity to look at what was released on Cydia during the last few days. Once again, the trend gets clearer as less and less jailbreak tweaks are being released, something that we’ve been confirming every week for the past several weeks. This week we’ve go 11 tweaks for you to look at.

Aoraki: a multi-function tweak with floating buttons ($1.99)

BerryC8: a Lock screen launcher created with Touch ID in mind (free – review)

CrazyClock: speed up the Clock app icon animation on the Home screen (free – review)

GrabberApp8: change Camera grabber and add another grabber on Lock screen (free)

Faded: adds fade in and fade out when playing/pausing a song (free)

HideFavoritesTab: hides the Favorites tab from the Phone app (free)

KeyboardVibrate8: adds vibration when typing on the keyboard (free)

PhotoRes: adjust aspect ration and resolution for photography (free – review)

QR Mode: turns the stock Camera app into an awesome QR code reader ($1.99 – review)

Rendarya8: an image editor for the Photos app ($2.99)

StopPlayin8’+: disables specific iOS A/V players buttons (free)

I might have forgotten some tweaks in here, and if that’s the case, make sure to comment about it below.