10 new tweaks released this week

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The song says “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” It is indeed, unless you’re expecting tons of apps and tweaks to be released, in which case, you’ll be sorely disappointed. This past week was pretty slow in terms of new tweaks, but it made up the low quantity by great quality. Among the notable tweak releases of the week, we’ll definitely note Ignition and Auxo 3, two highly anticipated tweaks that will sure make their marks on your devices.

New tweaks

2TapShot: double tap the screen when a video is playing to take a screenshot (free)

AboutMore: offers more device information in the Settings app (free)

Auxo 3: a very different take on the App Switcher ($0.99/$2.99 – review)

Betterrotate iPad: makes the icon grid the same in all orientations on iPad (free)

CameraTweak 3: brings several enhancements to the stock Camera app ($1.49 – review)

DoubleTapToSleep: double tap the Home or Lock screens to put the device to sleep (free)

Ignition: brings CarPlay to your iPhone or iPad (free – review)

nupsidedown: prevents iPhone 6 Plus UI from rotating upside down (free)

QuickShoot Pro iOS 8: capture photos and videos directly from the Home screen ($1.49)

Taker: take picture from anywhere using the Volume buttons (free)

Did I miss anything? If so, please make your voice heard in the comments section below.