MultiIconMover: Move Several iPhone Icons at Once

MultiIconMover is one of those applications that should not exist. Why? Simply because they are so good that Apple should have implemented them into the iPhone OS. Yes, that’s how good I think MultiIconMover is.

This app is very simple yet very practical. It allows you to select multiple icons to move them to a different page on your springboard. So instead of moving your icons one at a time, you can select many of them and move them all at once wherever you want.

MultiIconMover is a mod, not really an application per say, so you won’t find an icon for it after installing the application. Follow these steps to get MultiIconMover into action

  • Simply tap and hold your finger on an application until they all start wiggling.
  • Then select all the icons you want to move and a little red checkmark will appear (see image above).
  • Now move to a different page and hit the “home” button.
  • Done! Your icons will be moved to the selected page.
  • Hit the home button one more time and the icons will stop wiggling.

This is definitely a faster way to move your icons around the springboard.

MultiIconMover is available for free in the App Store. No, I’m kidding. It’s on Cydia…

What do you think of this mod?