Apps of the week: Thomas was Alone, Atom Run, Happy Camping, and more

Apps of the week

This week was another great one for new apps and games. Sometimes, it is hard to believe that technology has advanced so much in the past decade that we are able to do the things we can do on our mobile devices.

This weekend, you may be looking a game to help you pass the time, or you may be looking for an app to help you plan for your upcoming vacation. Whatever the weekend holds for you, we’ve got a list of apps and games you should check out…

Thomas Was Alone

Thomas was Alone

From the ingenious team that brought us hours of frustrating fun in Surgeon Simulator comes a minimalist platformer that will bring a tear to your eye. Players take control of an inquisitive rectangle that is in search of the answer we are all looking for, “What is the meaning of life?” This simple looking game offers hours of adventures as players unlock the secrets of Thomas’ existence. Jump, run, and find your way across the geometric landscape. This game is available on the iPad for $8.99.

Haunted House

Haunted HouseA lot of diehard classic game fans are going to want to shoot me for saying this, but Atari’s completely redesigned version of the hit 1981 game Haunted House is actually a lot of fun. Sure, it isn’t anything like the original, but this endless runner has a lot of unique features that make it more interesting than your average title. Players help a lost boy find his way home by triggering traps, thwarting monsters, and building bridges along the pathway. If you can tap fast enough, the bright-eyed shadow will escape the grasp of those pesky corporeal creatures. This game is available for free.

Happy Camping

Happy Camping

I’m going on my first camping trip of the season in a few weeks, so this app showed up at the right time. Book publisher Random House has a utility app to help guide you through your wilderness adventure. The app features a flashlight, compass, strobe light, and level. Plus the handy checklist makes it possible for you to make sure you’ve packed everything you need for your outdoor fun. If you have a scary story to tell around the campfire, use the sound effects to bring life to your spooky tale. This app is available for $0.99.

Atom Run

Atom Run

Another great platformer has found its way into the App Store this week. Instead of searching for the meaning of life, this sci-fi themed title has players searching for the materials needed to create life. The agile and acrobatic prototype robot is on a mission to find lost molecules and atoms in order to bring back humankind after a terrible disaster wiped every living thing off the face of the planet. Players run, jump, solve complex puzzles, and collect the necessary items to repopulate the Earth with life. This game is available for $2.99.

Swarm by Foursquare


Just in case letting the world know where you are every second of the day isn’t enough for you, Foursquare has launched a new social app that turns meeting up with friends into a game. Want to know who is hanging out in your neighborhood? This app will let you know who is nearby and what they are doing. You can also see your daily activities with the Insights features, put virtual stickers on your check-ins to let others know what you are feeling, and compete with friends by being at the most popular places more often than them. This app is available for free.

Walking Dead: The Game – Season Two, Episode 3

TWD Season 2 Ep3

Although the game is months old at this point, I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know that Telltale games launched the third episode in the series this week. In this third installment “In Harm’s Way,” Players continue following the story of young Clementine as she faces the worst creatures ever to walk the earth, and I’m not talking about zombies, either. I don’t want to tell you too much about episode three in case you haven’t made it through episode two yet. But, let’s just say that Clem has grown up a lot in this past season. She has a lot of hard decisions ahead of her and you can help her choose the right path. This episode is available for $4.99.

Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch

Table tennis is the unrecognized sport of our time. It is celebrated in some countries as a national pastime, but the rest of the world doesn’t know what they are missing out on. This realistic looking game lets you play against an invisible opponent on a number of different tables in a variety of different locations. Play mini games that require precise timing to target paper enemies. Play a quick game if you don’t have time to focus on your career. Become the table tennis champion of Game Center in career mode. This game is available for $3.99.

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