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1 Meter, Day One 2, OmniPlan 3, and more apps to check out this weekend

Hello friendly readers. This weekend's app list spotlight is the last article I'll be writing for iDB. I've had a wonderful time as a part of the team and will miss every one of the editors (I've already cried with them privately). I'll also miss the iDB readers' funny, snarky, and sometimes ornery comments (you know who you are). Thanks for listening to me express my love of all things app-related.

Now, on with the show. Check out this week's (and my final week's) list of apps and games.

Browserism review: quickly switch between browsers on Mac

Some people have different needs from different web browsers. One may have a specific function that another does not. But, you may like them both for different purposes.

Browserism is a shortcut app for OS X that makes it possible for you to quickly switch between web browsers with just a click or the stroke of a key. We've got a full app review of Browserism for you below. Find out if it is right for you.

Hyperspektiv, ZCast, Rogue Agent, and more apps to check out this weekend

This past week may have been slow for the news cycle, but it didn't stop us from pumping out some useful information, like how to watch live TV on Apple TV, how to remove iOS configuration profiles, and how to open a new private window in Safari.

If you've had your fill of learning new things about your iPhone and are looking for some fun content to download, check out our list of apps and games this weekend.

Exploding Kittens comes to iOS, local multiplayer only

You may recall that, one year ago, an independent game maker made the news by breaking the record for being the most funded campaign on Kickstarter. That game was Exploding Kittens.

Today, the company has launched an iOS version of Exploding Kittens so you can play with friends in the same room as you, without being tethered to the Internet. There is one caveat, though. You can only play with friends when they are in the same room.

LONEWOLF review: become a paid assassin with a secret mission

I love sniper games. One of my biggest complaints with first-person shooters like Call of Duty is that you rarely get the chance to simply hide in the bushes and shoot people at your leisure.

With LONEWOLF, it is all sniping and very little return fire. But, that doesn't mean it isn't an intense game with plenty of action. Check out my game review of LONEWOLF for more information.

Undead Clicker! is an idle RPG that works while you are away

If you enjoy role-playing games as much as I do, you probably also know how difficult it can be to find time to play them. The good ones will suck you in for hours. Even the mediocre ones will keep you busy for longer than you'd expect.

Undead Clicker! is an RPG that you don't even have to lift a finger to play. Although, lifting and tapping that finger will help you earn more loot and hire more heroes to help you defeat that dangerous dragon boss.

Rust Bucket review: a pig-tastic roguelike puzzler

For the most part, I try to steer clear of free-to-play games. Sometimes, they turn out to be worth my time, but a lot of them are an obvious money grab that I don't appreciate.

So, when Rust Bucket came into my sights, it didn't make a good first impression. However, after having spent some time in the pork belly of this underworld (it's a pun you will understand later in this review), I've got a different impression, to say the least. Checkout my game review of Rust Bucket below.

Venture Kid, Concepts, Interact, and more apps to check out this weekend

This week, Apple seeded its first iOS 9.3 beta to developers (and then later to the public), which seems to have a lot of cool new features, including some that might be thought of as stealing someone else's thunder.

If you are wondering what the next app that Apple will decide is cool enough to "Sherlock," take a peek at what we have listed below. These apps and games may start small, but only time will tell just how big they get and who's keeping an eye on them.

Weather Live review: get beautiful weather forecasts on iOS and Apple TV

Weather apps are a personal thing. Some people want epic details of radar, Doppler, and real-time satellite views of the clouds rolling in. Others want a minimalist design with nothing but the current temperature.

For those that want something in-between, something that looks good and provides a lot of information, but doesn't crowd the screen, Weather Live will make you happy. The app was recently updated with support for Apple TV and it looks gorgeous on the big screen. We've got a hands-on app review of Weather Live for you today.

Quadro puts shortcut actions for your computer on your iPhone

Sometimes, when you are working on a half dozen projects on your computer, the last thing you want to do perform a bunch of actions that take up precious minutes. Maybe you've forgotten what shortcut key works with which application, or can't recall where certain controls are in a program. All this eats up time.

Quadro is a workflow app that automates actions on your Mac or PC computer from your iPhone or iPad. All you have to do is tap on a button on your mobile device to trigger the action on your computer.

Everlist review: as close as you can get to making a list with pen and paper

List, lists, lists. I've got lists coming out of my ears, at least metaphorically, since my lists are all on digital formats. My point is that I make a lot of lists. I don't think I could get anything done if I didn't have them. I'm always looking for ways to make my lists easier to understand and faster to access.

Everlist is about as close as you can get to making a list with pen and paper. However, it looks much better than a crumpled old note pad and does things that paper just can't do. We've got an app review of Everlist for your reading pleasure right now.

Feeday offers a quick peek at Instagram from Notification Center

One of my favorite social networking sites right now is Instagram. I love looking at pictures more than reading about how someone feels about the weather today. Pictures really can be worth a thousand words and can make you feel more connected to friends than a sentence.

Feeday is a third-party widget that puts the last couple of posts from your Instagram feed right in Notification Center so you can get a quick view of your feed without having to open the app. Check out our app review of Feeday below.