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Steampunk-themed Grave Matters comes to Apple TV

Grave Matters is a Steampunk themed graveyard adventure where players dig up energy cells while trying to avoid being dragged to the underworld by a nasty machinelike Steamborg. We reviewed the game over a year ago when it first launched.

The game's developer, Ideonic, recently made a special edition that is exclusive to Apple TV 4. This big-screen version has updated graphics, a new control system, and a new soundtrack, while still maintaining the same, fun mechanics of the original.

The ATV 4 version has all the same, wonderfully steampunky graphics as the iOS version. The cut scenes, which were some of my favorite parts, are just a beautiful on the television screen, but in a bigger and better way.

Emoji Party is like Heads Up! with emojis… and on Apple TV

Whenever I'm in a crowded area, especially where there are long lines (think: Disneyland) I see dozens of people playing Heads Up! It is hugely popular and a fun way to pass the time when you are with a group of people.

Emoji Party is similar to Heads Up!, but instead of just words on the cards, the app also uses thousands of iconic emojis. If you are really good at making faces, you can help the guesser with recognizable emoji looks. The best part is that this game is compatible with tvOS, so you can get hours of charades fun right in your living room.

Best battery cases for iPhone 6s

In addition to regularly providing you with accessory spotlight posts, we've also been rounding up the accessories we showcase, so you can easily run through the list without having to search our database.

Today, the accessory spotlight list covers external battery cases that have a high consumer rating and are very popular with iPhone 6s owners. If you don't see your favorite iPhone 6s battery case, include it in the comments below.

TMNT, Brandr, Proud, and more apps to check out this weekend

Earlier this week, gadget makers blew our minds with new products at the Consumer Electronics Show that will hopefully come out sometime in 2016. We also finally found out how much Oculus Rift costs and when we will get our hands on it.

It was a bigger week for hardware than it was for apps. Although, if you were lucky, you downloaded Vidyo before it was pulled from the App Store. As the weekend rolls by, if you are looking for apps and games that are still available, check out our list below.

Controller review: a mini player for Mac that doesn’t get in the way

When you are blasting beats on your Mac, sometimes it is helpful to have easy access to playback features right on your desktop without having to open the root music player. It is also nice to be able to see the name of the song and artist that is currently playing at a glance.

Controller is a mini player for Mac that works with iTunes and Spotify to display the current track and provide playback controls. We've got a hands-on app review of Controller for you below.

Moment Lens takes iPhone photography to the next level

We've introduced you to a number of different lens accessories in the past for our spotlight series. There are plenty out there to cover your iPhone photography needs, from dedicated cases specific to the iPhone 6s to clip on lenses that can be used with any device.

Some of our readers have asked about the Moment Lens. While this particular product hasn't been around long enough to generate a solid consumer review base, we checked out the Moment Lens line and think it looks amazing. We haven't had a chance to test these products in the wild. So, if you own the Moment Lens kit, tell us what you think of it in the comments section.

The Moment Lens kit takes iPhone photography a step further with high-quality ED glass with multi-layer anti-reflection coating that is specially designed to provide a sharp picture across the screen.

Flewn review: a whale of a story told with style

In a decade of immediate gratification, where conversations take place 140 characters at a time and games are scored by how fast you complete them, it's nice to come across an app that does nothing but tell a story so you can slow things down, even if it is just for a moment.

Flewn is a highly stylized book with dozens of illustrations that you access with very little effort, but still feels significantly interactive just the same. We've got a full app review of Flewn for you right now.

Pigment review: the first coloring book app to get it right

I am a coloring book enthusiast. I have dozens of them, ranging in skill level from kid's books with wide lines to coloring books for adults, which are intricate and complex. I have a wide variety of tools from Prismacolor pencils to brush tip markers. I've been coloring since I was a toddler and I've never stopped. Ever.

So, when Pixite told me about its new coloring book app, Pigment, I immediately scoffed at the idea. Coloring book apps are a joke. They don't get it. They don't provide the stress-relieving comfort that actual coloring does. However, after testing the app for about two weeks now, I'm singing a different tune. Check out my full app review of Pigment below to find out what changed my mind.

Dual-layer ArmorBox by i-Blason protects your iPad Air 2 like a boss

We've got another rugged case to tell you about as part of our accessory spotlight series, which is where we showcase a variety of accessories, from cases to speakers, which are top of their class. We select the products in this series to highlight based on a high consumer rating, although we may not have tested them ourselves.

You may know by now that I love camping. I also love bringing my gadgets with me when I spend time in the great outdoors. I know that goes against what most people consider "roughing it," but some of my favorite pastimes involve sitting around the campfire listening to podcasts, or watching a movie in my tent when the world outside is totally black.

If you like to bring your iPad Air 2 with you on camping trips, or maybe you are just prone to accidents and just want to protect your tablet with a rugged case, you should check out the ArmorBox by i-Blason.

eMail Widget 2, Song of Pan, TIPIT and more apps to check out this weekend

It is officially 2016. Hopefully, last year treated you well, or at least didn't cause you too much pain. With a new year, comes a new hope of things to come, and new apps and games to fill your time.

This week, thanks to the holidays, the App Store was a little dry. So, instead of focusing on brand new titles, we are presenting a general list of apps and games that we just think are cool.

The best apps to start 2016 off right

I've recently heard a couple of friends talk about how glad they are to see the end of 2015 and are looking forward to starting anew in 2016. The beginning of a new year always presents a future of unknown promises and prospects, and we tend to use this time as a reason to resolve to make our lives better in the year to come.

Here at iDB, we all have our favorite apps for keeping fit, sustaining productivity, and learning new things. Take a look at some of the ways we try to better our lives with the apps below. Who knows, maybe they will be the inspiration you need to start 2016 off with a bang.

The best apps and games of 2015

At the end of every year, we bring you the best of the best when it comes to apps and games. In the past, we've bombarded you with about 10 categories of our top favorites in different posts. This time, however, we decided to skim the top and really give you the cream of the crop.

Below, we present you with the top 10 apps and games that came out in 2015 based on content the editors of iDownloadBlog submitted and voted on. We have even included what we consider to be the number one app and number one game of 2015. If you don't see your favorites this year, feel free to include them in the comments below.