Emoji Party is like Heads Up! with emojis… and on Apple TV


Whenever I’m in a crowded area, especially where there are long lines (think: Disneyland) I see dozens of people playing Heads Up! It is hugely popular and a fun way to pass the time when you are with a group of people.

Emoji Party is similar to Heads Up!, but instead of just words on the cards, the app also uses thousands of iconic emojis. If you are really good at making faces, you can help the guesser with recognizable emoji looks. The best part is that this game is compatible with tvOS, so you can get hours of charades fun right in your living room.

As if texting with emojis weren’t hard enough to figure out, now there is a game that makes you play charades with it. Get your clapping hands and piles of pooh ready. Every subject card features an emoji or group of emojis that represent the word of phrase on the card.

For example, one subject card from the movie category might be “I, Robot.” The icons on the card would be an eyeball emoji and a robot emoji. Luckily, for those of us not part of the millennial generation, the word or phrase is also included on the card.


On iOS, the game mechanics are similar to Heads Up! The person on deck holds the iPhone to their forehead so they can’t see what is on the screen. Then, everyone else makes funny noises and gestures to help the person on deck guess correctly.

On Apple TV, the person on deck simply turns his or her back to the screen while the rest of the group sees the television. Swipe right on the Siri Remote when the answer is guessed, or swipe left on the remote to pass.

Emoji Party costs $1.99. When you download it on your iPhone it will appear in the Purchased section of the App Store on tvOS.