1 Meter, Day One 2, OmniPlan 3, and more apps to check out this weekend

Apps to check out this weekend

Hello friendly readers. This weekend’s app list spotlight is the last article I’ll be writing for iDB. I’ve had a wonderful time as a part of the team and will miss every one of the editors (I’ve already cried with them privately). I’ll also miss the iDB readers’ funny, snarky, and sometimes ornery comments (you know who you are). Thanks for listening to me express my love of all things app-related.

Now, on with the show. Check out this week’s (and my final week’s) list of apps and games.

All is Lost

All is Lost

In a dystopian future, humankind is always struggling to survive. Whether we’ve run out of water or the machines have taken over, it seems like we always lose the final war. In this game, you are in a rush to find crew members lost in a space station that is just about to blow. Players navigate across dangerous platforms trying to save the day before the destruction starts. If you don’t jump, slide, or duck at just the right moment, you may be lost with the rest of the crew. If you manage to follow the precise on-screen instructions, your reward is your life and the lives of your crew members. This game is available for free.

Day One 2 Journal + Notes

Day One Journal 2

Day One Journal launched in the App Store back in 2011 and was a huge hit with the writing community. It has just been updated and revamped as a whole new app. With it, you can add multiple journals, each with as many as 10 inline photos. You can ad custom reminders to keep you on track for your daily thoughts. It now has useful organization tools, like stars, tags, location, years, and more. Plus, it has all of the great journaling features of the original Day One, like support for Markdown, syncing between devices and with the Mac app, and social sharing features. This app is available for $4.99.

1 Meter

1 Meter

I’m a huge fan of Philipp Stollenmayer’s games, like “Sometimes You Die,” and “Okay?” Lately he has been dropping some fun little bite-sized games in the App Store and 1 Meter is one of them. In this game, players try to build a plate of spaghetti by taping the screen. When you place your finger on the screen, a loop of pasta will appear, veering toward the right. Take your finger off the screen to make it veer left. Don’t let the pasta touch or your dinner will be over. As you reach new lengths of pasta, you’ll unlock new plates, including Alfredo and parmesan. This game is available for free.

Refinery29 This AM


When I was a kid, my parents sat at the breakfast table for an hour, poring over the morning paper. Now, you can get your news in minimalist increments without even having to get out of bed in the morning. With this app, you will get a news feed every morning with a basic rundown of the eight most important headlines and summaries of the day. If you are interested in reading more, tap a headline to get the whole story. You can stay up to date with current events, celebrity gossip, and more. Once you’ve made it through the eight trending stories, you’ll be rewarded with an achievement card. This app is available for free.



If you’ve been hankering for a new board game app, this one will scratch that itch. Based on the original tile board game of paths, this digital version lets you play like a pro without having to keep track of where you put all of those tiles. Once you’ve laid a path using your tiles, you can move your marker across the board. That is, if you don’t cross your opponent’s trap. It supports up to eight players in online play and can be played solo or against up to three artificially intelligent opponents. This game is available for $3.99.

OmniPlan 3

OmniPlan 3

The Omni Group has just launched its most massive productivity app yet. This one is stuffed full of project planning and execution tools for business groups. It features Gantt charts and Network diagrams, multiple device syncing support, and task assignments. You can prioritize subtasks to make sure the team takes care of important projects first and identify which tasks need a group effort and which ones can be dealt with alone. It has deeply integrated scheduling and tracking tools to make sure your projects get done on time, and if they are falling behind, you’ll know about it. This app is available for $74.99.

Rapala Daily Catch

Rapala Fishing

There are few things in life more relaxing than a day on the pond, fishing. Of course, we can’t always jump in our boats and head to the nearest fishing hole like they did on the Andy Griffith Show, but this little app makes it possible for you to take some time out of your busy day to drop a line or two without getting wet. If you like to fish with Rapala gear, even better. You can compete in daily tournaments against other virtual fishermen around the world and collect a variety of different types of fishes. Visit different locations and bodies of water to catch local flavor. This game is available for free.

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