Deliveries gets massive update with 3D Touch, multitasking & new features

deliveries large app icon

Delivery trackers are invaluable tools you can use on your iPhone or iPad to keep track of your inbound and outbound package deliveries from services like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and others to make sure they get to the places they need to go.

As we shared just a couple days ago, Deliveries by Junecloud is by far one of our favorite apps to do this with, and on Wednesday, Deliveries has received a massive update to version 7.0 with a change log so big we couldn’t even fit it on our Mac’s screen.

New in Deliveries 7.0

Deliveries 7.0, which can be had as a free upgrade for existing app users, or for $1.99 in the App Store for anyone who doesn’t have it yet, focuses majorly in the new features released with iOS 9 – this includes new features that launched on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, as well other iPads, and includes support for the higher resolution of the iPad Pro.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users can take advantage of 3D Touch to enjoy peek and pop previews of items from within the app, and can even access Quick Actions from the Home screen by firmly pressing on the app icon, and users of supported iPads can now use Slide Over and Split View multitasking to use the app side-by-side with other apps running on the device.

More features include the ability to see the entire route of a package on a map from start to finish, complete iCloud sync for seeing everything that has happened with your new and archived packages, and integration with Siri reminders so that you can have Siri remind you when a package is about to be delivered.

In addition to those larger features, the App Store changes note the following lengthy list of changes and improvements:

– Keyboard shortcuts: on an iPad with an external keyboard, hold down the command key to see a list of possible shortcuts.
– More ways to add deliveries: select text in another app (like Mail or Safari), then tap “Share…” to add to Deliveries. Don’t worry about selecting just the tracking number, it should find it if you select too much.
– Spotlight Search: on your home screen, pull down or swipe to the right to find deliveries by item name, shipping company, and more.
– Better clipboard detection: tap the + button and you’ll see suggestions based on your clipboard there. The URL detection has also been improved to recognize many new links.
– A fresh look: the new system font is now used throughout, and an adjusted detail view focuses more on the information you care about.
– Print or save a PDF: just tap Share and choose either, along with all our other sharing options.
– “View details online” uses the new Safari view controller on iOS 9.
– For a delivery with multiple packages, you can now tap the “1 of 2” badge in the list to show the next package.
– The “Add to Deliveries” extension will no longer create duplicates.
– The Today widget now makes it clear when there are more deliveries to show in the app, and displays a warning icon if it hasn’t been able to update in the background.
– The badge number on the icon should now roughly match the number of deliveries that have changed, instead of just increasing for each notification. If you archive a delivery from a notification, the Watch app, or on another device, the number will decrease.
– If a delivery changes after it’s delivered, and it’s still showing as delivered, it will no longer trigger a notification. These changes are rarely of interest.
– Minor improvements to the barcode scanner interface.
– New security features in iOS 9 allow the app to enforce minimum security requirements when it connects to each service.
– DHL Germany can now show results in English on iPhone.
– DHL UK tracking is now part of DHL Express.
– Adobe tracking no longer requires a user name and password.
– “Other” shipments no longer check the web site for changes. This feature was confusing and rarely worked well. “Other” is now completely manual—it’s a way for you to keep track of shipments that can’t be tracked automatically.
– Added support for URLs like deliveries://add/, which is useful for apps like Launch Center Pro.
– Added support for the URL deliveries://add/scan to open the barcode scanner.
– When a delivery with multiple shipments is re-ordered, the app should do a better job of keeping your selected shipment showing.
– Improved accuracy of map locations.
– Improved the display of map errors and made the text easier to read.
– Fixed several possible crashes.
– Many other bug fixes and minor improvements.

Deliveries is a $1.99 download from the App Store, but if you already own the app, you can just head over the Updates tab in the App Store to download the update for free.