Boximize review: turn your notes into personal databases

Boximize 2

When I think of note taking apps, I assume that their main function is to allow you to jot down important information so you can easily access it later. Good note taking apps let you organize entries by date or category. Everything else is just gravy.

Boximize turns the whole note-taking production and turns it on its head. Now, you can organize notes into collections with customizable fields so your thoughts and ideas become a complex database. We have a detailed Boximize review for you below…


Using the same, flat design that fits perfectly with iOS 7, the app features 27 premade collection templates. Each one has an identifying icon and a different color scheme. Tap one icon to start your new collection.

If you find a premade collection theme that fits your needs, select it to start imputing data. To add data, tap the plus (+) icon in the upper right corner of the screen. The category will already be populated with a list of “structured notes” options. You can customize the structured notes fields manually or keep what is already there.

Customizable structured note fields include tasks, completed checklists, priorities, due dates, completion dates, and more. Each structured note field can also be further edited to match perfectly with your needs.

Inside the structured note fields, you can name each item, add content, like photos and audio track, include URL links, and more. You can also customize the content options for each item within a structured note.

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App Use

The app includes a couple of demo notes to give you an idea of what you can expect to accomplish. Take a quick look at the Movie Collections demo to see the various fields and items you can use to create a comprehensive database for just about anything.

The first thing you will need to do is add a collection. Under the main page, tap the plus (+) symbol in the upper right corner to see the premade form templates. Categories range from car maintenance to diet log to recipes. Each template has structured notes and item field options already in place, but it isn’t difficult to change them. If you don’t see a category that meets your needs, tap the blank category to create a new one.

Next, you will need to add your structured notes. If you’ve chosen a premade template, a list of structured notes will already be waiting for you. If you are starting from scratch, you can create your own customized structured notes.

To create new structured notes, tap the plus icon in the upper right corner. A list of note options will appear. Select from text, number, choice, checkbox, photo/video, and more. Each structured note has a function. For example, the checkbox will add a box to your note so you can tick it off. The rating note lets you give an item a star rating out of five. The slider lets you set a minimum and maximum value with a step interval. Each note can be renamed to match your subject matter.

After you’ve added and edited your structured note fields, it’s time to start imputing information. At the main collection screen, tap the category you’d like to add information to. Then, tap the plus icon in the upper right corner to begin adding content. The structured note fields will appear automatically and you can fill in the information accordingly. For example, the movie collection note lets you enter the title, plot summary, genre, rating, year released, IMDB page, list of actors, and filming location. You can also add photos, record a review, and add a “movie doodle,” which is a freehand drawing screen.

After the information is set, all items are searchable. So, if you are looking for films staring Ryan Gosling in your movie collection, tap the search icon in the lower right corner of the screen and enter his name. Every movie on your list staring Ryan Gosling will appear. You can search by date, rating, location, genre, and more.

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The Good

This app is incredibly comprehensive. It is like an amusement park for people who like to organize information. It is a list maker’s dream. I love that every single category, field, and item can be customized to fit whatever I want. If I want to track the daily migration of the ants in my yard, I can make a database for it.

The Bad

The app would be better with just a couple more user interface options to make it more robust. For example, the date wheel displays the date with day, month, and then year and there is no option to change it. The app only connects to the Internet through Safari and there is no way to switch from Apple’s Maps app to Google Maps. These are minor issues, but would be nice additions.


Boximize is on sale for $1.99, regularly priced at $4.99. Two dollars is a reasonable price for an app that includes so many useful features. Part of me thinks it should be $0.99 because it is such a specific productivity app. It may have a lot of features, but all of those features are specific to a single function. In my opinion, the full price of $4.99 is a little too high.


If you are a list maker, like to hyper-organize information, or have just a bit of OCD tendencies, you will scratch an itch with this app. It features a fully customizable database with limitless possibilities. If it sounds like something you’d want, grab it now before the price goes up. This app is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.