Facebook app gains offline posts, drafts/previews and snappier News Feed

Facebook 10.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)Facebook 10.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Facebook has issued a major version 10.0 update to its free iOS client which now allows you to create posts even when you’re without an Internet connection. Posts created in the offline mode will be saved as drafts and the app will automatically publish them when you’re back online.

Moreover, the refreshed iPhone and iPad application now makes it easy to see what your posts will look like on Facebook before publishing.

This edition of the software also includes certain News Feed improvements. Facebook 10.0 is now live in the App Store so grab it free now and check out the new features…

According to TechCrunch, Facebook is also testing a new feature code-named Facebook Now that centers around Google Now-like cards that appear after you post something.

Facebook explains:

These cards can help you discover information about where you are or what to do next, or inspire conversations with your friends around you.

This feature respects all existing privacy settings, and the card will only show you information that you could already see elsewhere on Facebook.

We wanted to make it easier for you to interact with your friends about the things you’re doing and the places you are visiting.

This is what these cards look like.

Facebook Now cards (TechCrunch 001)

This functionality should be a silent backend update so could soon start seeing these cards in the iPhone and iPad app.

Your Facebook 10.0 changelog:

• Review what your post will look like and choose whether to remove any suggested links before sharing what you’re reading, watching or listening to
• Create posts even when your connection is weak or you’re in airplane mode, and they’ll be shared once your connection gets strong enough
• Improvements to make News Feed load faster, especially on older phones and tablets

Download Facebook free in the App Store.

If you’re not on iOS 7, the good news is that the universal app still requires iOS 6.0 or later.