How to take a break from a friend on Facebook

Composition with Facebook logo and the text "Take a break" with Rachel Green and Ross Geller of the famous TV show Friends in the background

Besides unfriending and blocking someone, there is a handy Facebook option called take a break which lets you see less of a person's profile. In this tutorial, we show you how to make use of this feature to take a break from a Facebook friend, ex-girlfriend, separated spouse, or just about anyone you're connected with on the world's largest social platform!

Facebook and Instagram use a custom in-app browser to track users, according to analysis

Facebook logo on a dark background

While Apple continues to make moves when it comes to general user privacy and security, especially with iOS, there are still some areas where third-party companies can take advantage of the tools Apple has in place. For instance, a built-in web browser in apps like Facebook or Instagram, for instance, is still based on Apple's WebKit. But it sounds like Meta has still found a way to track users that use that third-party web browser instead of Safari.

How to lock your Facebook profile from the app or a computer

How to Lock Facebook profile

Almost the entire online world is on Facebook, and if you want some privacy, you can lock your profile. It takes just a few clicks and is the quickest way to protect your photos and posts.

In this tutorial, we will show you what happens when you lock your Facebook profile and how to do it from iPhone, the Android Facebook app, or on a computer.