Carrot Fit update adds 7 Minutes in Hell workout

Carrot Fit

CARROT is a pretentious, mouthy artificial intelligence being that loves to berate humans in order to motivate them to get things done. A few months ago, we reviewed CARROT Fit, the verbally abusive weight loss app. In it, CARROT calls you a meatbag and tells you she will punish you if you don’t drop a few pounds.

Today CARROT Fit received a major update that basically turns it into an entirely new app. Now, instead of only tracking your weight, you can participate in a seven-minute workout filled with all manner of insults from the charmingly funny AI assistant…

Carrot Fit 4

Probably the biggest complaint that CARROT Fit received when it first launched is that it lacked functionality. While it is fun to hear the AI assistant make fun of you and ridicule you for not losing more weight, she didn’t do anything else. The app was nothing more than an entertaining weigh-in diary.

Today’s update brings a bit of functionality to the humorous fitness app. The 7 Minutes in Hell workout features 12 high-powered exercises that are performed in 30-second intervals with 10-second rests in between. Users are presented with the exercises by CARROT, who of course loves to make fun of you as you workout.

Just like in version 1.0, when you first open the app, you’ll be asked to claim an avatar that best suits you. In version 2.0, there are a few more options than before. Be sure to try every one. Once you are ready, you can start by weighing in. Add your current weight and then start your workout.

The workout consists of 12 aerobic and body resistant exercises that each focus on a different group of muscles. The idea is that, while working on one muscle group, the others get a chance to recuperate.

Carrot Fit 5

The exercises come with clever names that are perfectly matched for CARROT’s sense of humor. The “Invisible Iron Throne” is a basic wall squat, but references the Game of Thrones’ royal seat. The “Imperial Butt Dips” require a reverse push up using a chair for incline while giving a subtle nod to the Star Wars franchise.

If you get bored of the 12 included exercises, you can add 12 more by purchasing the Exercise Booster Pack, which includes such titles as “Celebrity Face Punches” and “Mount Doom Climbs.”

Of course, even with the 7 Minutes in Hell workout, CARROT Fit is more of an entertainment app than a proven weight loss program. Don’t expect to see fancy heart rate monitors or a comprehensive calorie tracker. It’s all in good fun, but maybe it will motivate you to spend seven minutes each day getting insulted by your iPhone until you drop those winter pounds.

CARROT Fit costs $2.99 and the 7 Minutes in Hell workout is a free update. Download it in the App Store today.

Do you use CARROT Fit? What is your favorite insult?