CARROT Fit review: get weight loss support that will make you cry

CARROT Fit 3The CARROT series of apps will either make you giggle or angry. Personally, I am part of the former category. I laugh all the time when that smarmy lady tells me what to do every morning.

CARROT Fit is the weight loss version of the verbally abusive personal assistant. Not only will she call you “flabby,” no matter how skinny you are, but she will also berate you for keeping or gaining any weight. Think about that the next time you eat a Twinkie after 9 o’clock…


Just like the others in the series, CARROT Fit is minimalistic, flat, and has bright colors to attract your attention. The large button at the center of the screen is where you record your weight on a daily basis. The tiny, tubby avatar at the bottom represents you.

When you lose weight, the screen turns green and your avatar gets a medal. Plus CARROT will say something encouraging, at least, as encouraging as the AI construct can muster to a “meatbag” like you.

When you gain weight, the screen turns red and your avatar hangs its head in shame. CARROT will also shame you by making some kind of comment about your weight.

You can track your weight progress with the app’s log. You can check out a graph based on one month, three months, and a year. Plus, see a record of your current weight, how many pounds you’ve gained or lost since starting, and your goal weight, including how many pounds you have to go.

CARROT Fit 1App Use

When you open the app for the first time, CARROT will introduce herself to you and explain her goal, which is to help you lose weight. She will ask you to thank her. Make sure you do. You don’t want to start your weight loss program off poorly. CARROT might hold a grudge.

You will then be asked to enter your current weight and pick an avatar that represents you the best. You can pick a male, female, gentleman, or “Brony.” If you know what that is, you might find humor in what happens when you pick it.

You can record your weight as many times per day as you like, but that probably means you are lying. Instead, record your weight at the same time every day to earn points for your progress. You will earn points toward new levels when you record your weight on a daily basis. I’ve only tested the app for three days, so I have not progressed much.

If you leave CARROT Fit open for at least a minute, you will notice that your avatar will start exercising. He may do sit ups, or push up, or even knee bends. If you tap your avatar, he will be zapped with a bolt of electricity and die. CARROT will applaud your murder and encourage you to do it more.

As you continue to record your weight, the information will be kept in a log. The log has a graph that shows your progress based on one month, three months, or one year. Your current weight, goal weight, Body Mass Index, and days recorded are also listed. You can view the raw data to see your information listed as a daily log, as well.

There are probably a lot of Easter eggs, but I only found a couple. The app’s creator, Brian Mueller, has a disturbing sense of humor and probably has plenty of funny secrets hidden around the app.

CARROT Fit 2The Good

This weight tracker is hilarious. I’m not particularly overweight. However, I’d like to drop a couple of my holiday pounds. This is the perfect app for casual weight tracking. It doesn’t have many features, but it does make me laugh.

CARROT’s voice and word range have improved significantly since the Alarm app. She now says approximately 2,000 words. So watch out.

The Bad

There is no way to reset the app. Of course, if you are not testing it, there is probably no reason to want to reset it, but I’d like the option. As it is, I had to delete and reinstall the app in order to start a new avatar.


CARROT Fit costs $1.99. It is priced comparable with the other CARROT series apps. As weight trackers go, it doesn’t do much more than berate you or offer words of encouragement. However, the humorous comments are enough to make it worth buying.


If you have a sense of humor and don’t mind being called a flabby meatbag, then you will have fun with this app. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and offers a clever way to help you keep track of your weight gains and losses. Keep in mind that CARROT has a way of shaming, even the thinnest of users. If making fun of weight bothers you, you may not appreciate her jokes. If you can take a joke and don’t take it seriously, you will enjoy it. Download it in the App Store today.

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