AI home gym Tempo now offers Apple Watch integration

If you've tried out Apple Fitness+, but haven't fallen in love with it despite the Apple Watch integration, how about another option? The online gym Tempo, which utilizes artificial intelligence to build a fitness program for users, has just announced it's one alternative if you're thinking about exploring a third-party option.

Apple delays rollout of its child safety features, including the CSAM detection system

Back in August, with about as little fanfare as possible, Apple announced a trio of new features coming to iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12 Monterey, and watchOS 8. There are three in total, each of which fall under the company's new, concerted efforts to help protect against child abuse and sexual exploitation. And while the features were seen as a positive move in general, when it came to the specifics of one of the new features, there was a lot of pushback. And apparently it worked.

Apple is asking employees in the United States to declare Covid vaccination status

Apple continues to tweak its formula when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, especially as it relates to its physical retail stores, corporate headquarters, and employees. However, the company also continues to avoid doing one thing in particular, even as many people out there in the wild suggest it should. And that would be make an actual mandate for vaccinations against COVID-19.

Apple offers another look at the security and privacy baked into CSAM photo scanning

Earlier this month, Apple revealed new features baked into most of its major operating systems. Each of them, of which there are three, are designed to help protect children against sexual abuse and exploitation. And while these are hailed as good things, on a grand scale, it's the finer details in regards to one of the features in particular that has many people concerned.

Apple’s head of privacy addresses concerns regarding the new Expanded Protections for Children

It should come as no surprise that Apple has had to go out of its way a bit to offer more context related to some of the newest features coming soon to its major platforms. With it being centered around child protections, but using some invasive efforts to get there, people are concerned the company might be overstepping. In an effort to assuage fears and concerns, Apple's tried to shine as much light on the new features as possible.