App Recap: 10 apps to start off your week

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After a rather eventful week on the App Store, the first edition of App Recap this week starts off on a bit of a slower pace. Nevertheless, we still have a roundup of new, updated and discounted apps that are worth looking at. App Recap is posted mid-day as an extension of the in-depth app coverage that our team of writers, including Lory, Christian and Cody, provide throughout the day. Take a look at today’s featured apps… 

New Apps

KeroBlasterKeroBlaster is a classic side-scrolling action game in which you play as a bipedal frog that is tasked with ridding your company teleporters of strange black creatures. As the master of custodial sciences, you must fight against several monsters and get your hands on exciting new tools along the way. If you’re up for the challenge, and enjoy 8-bit style graphics, KeroBlaster is $4.99 on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch.

Heroes A Grail QuestHeroes: A Grail Quest is a turn-based strategy game that involves leading a hero and his army across a fantasy world to find the lost artifact and save the kingdom. You’ll encounter everything from battles and powerful artifacts to magic and dungeons throughout this journey, with simple graphics and no in-app purchases. Heroes: A Grail Quest is 99 cents on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Aliens Drive Me CrazyThe loss of global satellite communications has put the world in danger in Aliens Drive Me Crazy, a cartoon style action game released late last week. In the game, a few alien spaceships have snuck into the universe and survivors must fight using guerrilla tactics. Take control of a car and blast your way through a city to reach an alien’s base. Unlock cars, customize your character and more. Aliens Drive Me Crazy is $1.99 for iPhone and iPad.

Bridge Constructor MedievalBridge Constructor Medieval was released a few weeks ago, but it still deserves a mention. The game, which is part of the highly successful Bridge Constructor series, requires you to build bridges in the Middle Ages for various purposes. You could build a sturdy bridge to supply your city with provisions, or a cunningly constructed bridge that collapses under the weight of attacking troops. Bridge Constructor Medieval is $1.99 on the App Store.

WreckMan Rise of a HeroWreckMan: Rise of a Hero is exactly what you would expect from its name: a game with a hero that rides a huge wrecking ball and destroys things along the way. You also have a powerful warrior named Armin as a sidekick, although he was summoned into a rabbit for his entire lifetime. The game has several levels, power-ups, challenging modes and more. WreckMan: Rise of a Hero is free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Updated Apps

TwitterTwitter was updated this morning with new iPad features, including an improved design and easier access to direct messages. The social network has also started rolling out its new “mute” feature across its mobile apps, allowing you to ignore certain users without fully blocking or unfollowing them. Twitter for iOS now stands at version 6.5 and is free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

ScanbotScanbot is a PDF scanning and uploading app that allows you to create high-quality PDF or JPEG scans of documents. You can then share those scans via email or upload them to Dropbox, Evernote or other cloud-based services. Over the weekend, the app gained several new features: select a custom folder for automatic and manual upload, rename documents after PDF creation, optimized PDFs and more. Scanbot is $1.99 for iPhone.

On Sale Apps

ProCam 2ProCam 2 and ProCam XL 2 are both free for a limited time, so get downloading before the promotion ends. The apps take your iPhone camera to the next level with several shooting modes, live lenses, live filters, full focus and exposure control, manual exposure compensation, adjustable image and video resolution, manual shutter speed control and more. ProCam 2 and ProCam XL 2 are both free on the App Store while on sale.

BreathfulBreathful is all about mindful meditation, where most of your attention should be directed towards breathing. The app serves as a useful tool for users to actively monitor each meditation session in ten-minute intervals, with each session archived by date and time following its completion. The app is currently free on the App Store for a limited time, down from last week’s price of 99 cents and its original price of $2.99.

DudeskiDudeski is free today as part of an AppGratis promotion. The game involves racing down a Shred Lord mountain as an avalanche trails behind you. Along the way, you must ski between gates, dodge obstacles, discover secrets and more until you successfully make your way to the bottom. Features include four mountain selections, unlockable shortcuts and secret mountain zones. Dudeski is free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

As always, we appreciate any feedback we receive about App Recap in the comments section down below. Monday was a rather slow day on the App Store, but we will keep this post updated if any major developments occur within the next few hours. If you are a developer yourself, and would like your app featured in this roundup, please send an iTunes link for consideration.