CAHighFPS can force higher frame rates in some iPhone games that cap at 30fps

When you play games on your fully-loaded gaming PC, you expect your graphics card to crank out the highest graphics at the highest frame rates for the best aesthetics. This also means having a gaming display panel that supports those high frame rates.

When it comes to smartphones, users are less picky. But the Apple’s ProMotion displays promise up to 120 frames per second under certain circumstances. So is it too much to ask to take advantage of higher frame rates when available?

‘Crossy Road’ is hopping its way over to Apple Arcade

Despite the fact Apple Arcade now has over 200 games in its library, there's still room for more. One of the biggest boons to the monthly subscription service was the adoption of classic titles. Or just reimagined versions of mega-popular games like Angry Birds and others. And now the ridiculously popular hopping game Crossy Road is getting the "+" treatment with a reimagined title heading to Apple's gaming service.