Jailbreak tweaks of the week: AppCon, DoNotAnnoy, Unify, & more…

The iOS 10 jailbreak is nothing short of a hot commodity since it became stable enough to use, and jailbreak developers are taking advantage of it, left and right, to release smashing new jailbreak tweaks that let you change the way your jailbroken iPhone or iPad works.

In this roundup, we’ll show you all of the jailbreak tweaks that were released this week, starting with our favorites and then wrapping up with the rest of them afterwards.

Our favorite releases this week

Aerial – $1.99

Aerial is a really cool new jailbreak tweak that lets you colorize each and every one of your Status Bar icons.

You can choose what you want the color of each one to be, and all settings you make take effect on the fly. These effects are visible across all and any of your apps on your iPhone or iPad and help to make the icons pop against the monotonous background colors.

You can read our full review of Aerial to learn more about customizing it.

AppCon – $1.99

AppCon is a super slick jailbreak tweak that lets you change the app icons of your apps on your Home screen with images from your device’s Photo Library.

You get two main functionalities with this tweak, including the ability to change individual app icons, and the ability to set an entire grid of app icons as a single image.

To learn more about how the tweak works and its two different modes, you can read our full review.

DoNotAnnoy – $1.99

We all have that one friend who is just so unable to spell out sentences or paragraphs, and rather sends a message for every two or three words instead.

This leads to an onslaught of annoying notifications, and that’s where a new jailbreak tweak called DoNotAnnoy comes in to help.

It works differently than Do Not Disturb by allowing you to silence your device’s ‘buzzing’ and notifications for pre-set intervals. This way, you only receive one notification from the annoying contact once every so often rather than for each and every message.

It’s a good solution for those with annoying friends to text like this, and to learn more about how it works, you can read our full review.

MakeRespringsGreatAgain  – FREE

Ever since the iOS 10 jailbreak was released, the respring screen has lacked the iconic Apple boot logo.

MakeRespringsGreatAgain simply brings back the classic Apple logo respring screen on your jailbroken iOS 10 device.

You can read our full review to understand more about the tweak and how it works.

Unify – $0.99

Unify is an incredible jailbreak tweak for iOS 10 that helps to better organize your Lock screen notifications.

Normally, your notifications can clutter up your Lock screen in a big unorganized mess, which is usually the case when you wake up in the morning and all of your nighttime notifications catch up with you, but Unify groups all of your notifications by app, giving you the nice clean and grouped notification UI you see above.

With tons of options to configure and functionality that actually improves iOS, Unify is definitely worth trying out. You can read our full review to learn more about it.

Other releases this week

3DLight: Removes transparency from Notification Center widgets, 3D Touch menus, and more (free – review)

AccessWithinApps: Lets you configure Control Center and Notification Center accessibility on a per-app basis (free – review)

Appcon: Lets you apply custom app icon images from your Photo Library ($1.99 – review)

AntiSocial: Lets you leave any group chat with less than four people (free – review)

Calendar for Lockscreen 2: A sleek way to put your upcoming Calendar events on the Lock screen ($1.99 – review)

Camera Tools: Options to customize the interface and functionality of your stock Camera app (free – review)

ClearNotificationsOneTapPlz: Lets you clear Notification Center notifications with one tap instead of two (free)

ColorMeBaddge: Colorizes your app icon badges based on the dominant app icon color (free – review)

CustomTime+ (iOS 10/9): Lets you customize the clock text in the Status Bar ($1.29)

greenWifi: Makes the Control Center toggle for Wi-Fi green (free)

HapticScroll: A little bit of system-wide haptic feedback when you reach the scrolling limits ($1.49 – review)

Harbor (iOS 10): A macOS-inspired Dock for your iPhone or iPad ($0.99 – review)

iTouchSecure (iOS 10): A system-wide password manager that utilizes Touch ID ($1.99 – review)

Low Power Modder: Manually select a battery percentage for Low Power Mode to spring to life (free – review)

MessageFilter: Allows you to configure word blacklist and whitelist settings on a per-conversation basis (free – review)

Mitsuha: Adds a Jell-O wave effect to the Music app (free – review)

MusicMark: Forces the Music app to remember song positions (free – review)

NoClose: Prevents apps that are playing media from being closed from the App Switcher (free – review)

NoMessengerDay: Removes the day from the Facebook Messenger threads view (free)

NoLSPadLock: Removes the padlock icon from the Status Bar on the Lock screen (free)

NoWifiWhenRunThisPlz: Lets you disable Wi-Fi connections for certain apps (free – review)

PassButtonStyle: Lets you have different styles for your passcode buttons (free – review)

Photo Tools: Lets you customize the Photos app interface (free – review)

PickPocket 2 (iOS 10): A great all-in-one anti-theft tweak for jailbroken iPhone users ($1.99 – review)

RecentCalls+: Improves the Recent list in the Phone app with new features ($1.49 – review)

SocialEnhancer10: Adds improvements to several social media apps (free)

Sonus: A beautiful volume HUD replacement for iPhone and iPad ($1.99 – review)

SpotStationsNoLikedSongsPlz: Forces the Spotify app to play new songs instead of liked songs in radio stations (free – review)

Telt X: A kiosk mode for your Photos app that keeps people from swiping through them when you share a photo (free – review)

TranslucentMessages: Brings a translucent visual effect to the iOS 10 Messages app (free – review)

While that wraps it up for this week, we’re sure that next week will bring a bevy of interesting new jailbreak tweak releases. Tons of jailbreak developers are simply running wild with jailbreak tweak ideas since we’ve went so long without a modern jailbreak, so there are still some bright weeks to come.

If you’re looking for more jailbreak tweaks to try out, then we recommend staying tuned to iDB and perhaps even checking out last week’s jailbreak tweak roundup to see anything you might have missed by accident.


How are you liking the jailbreak tweak diversity this week? Share in the comments below.