Add a splash of color to your Status Bar icons with Aerial

Fresh off the press is a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Aerial, which offers you the ability to add a splash of color to just about any of your Status Bar’s indicator icons.

The tweak has been developed by a team called PolyTweaks, and at the heart of its design is well-known graphical designer Surenix, but the developer behind its creation has chosen to remain anonymous.

As shown in the example above, the tweak brings out those Status Bar icons by allowing you to assign colors to them individually. These icons, which are normally all black in lighter interfaces or all white in darker interfaces, look so much more alive after the paint job has been applied to them.

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Aerial will add a preferences pane to the Settings app that lets you configure the colors for each Status Bar icon to your liking:

All of the following icons can be configured to have a unique color of their own:

  • Activity indicator (usually appears when web activity is occurring)
  • AirPlay icon
  • Airplane Mode icon
  • Alarm icon
  • Battery icon
  • Battery icon outline
  • Battery percentage icon
  • Battery thunderbolt icon
  • Bluetooth icon
  • Bluetooth headphones icon
  • Call forwarding icon
  • Carrier name
  • Do Not Disturb icon
  • Headset battery icon
  • Location icon
  • Network type icon
  • Rotation lock icon
  • Signal strength indicator
  • Siri icon
  • Time indicator
  • VPN icon
  • Wi-Fi icon

As you can see from the list, pretty much any icon you can possibly imagine from iOS’s Status Bar library can be configured with a custom color. And speaking of colors, you get all of the following options:

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Midnight
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Black

It is worth noting that the colored Status Bar icons are only visible when you’re in an app, so if you are on the Home screen, Lock screen, or even Notification Center for that matter, then the icons will still appear in their typical mono-colored glory.

That said, most of the time when you’re using your iPhone or iPad, you’re going to be doing some kind of an activity in an app, rather than staring at your Home screen or Lock screen, so chances are this isn’t something you’re going to have to quarrel over.

The premise behind Aerial is basically to be an aesthetic-enhancement tweak, but because of its subtle footprint, I think that even minimalists who typically don’t change their device’s appearance and styling will be able to enjoy its features.

If you’re interested in trying Aerial, it’s available in Cydia’s BigBoss repository starting today for $1.99 and it works great with the Yalu iOS 10 jailbreak.

What are your thoughts on Aerial? Share in the comments section below.