Get weather information on your jailbroken iPhone’s Lock Screen with visum

iPhone users that want to know more about the weather outside have a couple of options: 1) view the Weather widget; or 2) open the Weather app.

Even as we approach the upcoming iOS 15 release, it’s somewhat upsetting to reflect upon how the iPhone still doesn’t display weather information on the Lock Screen, as it would provide users with valuable information without unlocking their handset.

Some of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14’s Lock Screen

Jailbreakers are almost always looking for ways to gear up their pwned iPhones and iPads. Sadly, some of the best jailbreak tweaks tend to get lost in the proverbial memory hole with time, especially as newer releases drown them out. This can make tweak discovery a continuous challenge.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Our mission to enhance visibility for the best jailbreak tweaks for certain elements of the iOS and iPadOS mobile operating systems hasn’t stopped. We’ve already taken deep dives into some of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14’s Control Center, Home Screen, Keyboard, Messages app, Now Playing interface, and notification system. But this week, we’ll adjust our focus to iOS 14’s Lock Screen.

MacPass gives jailbroken iPhones a macOS-inspired Lock Screen

Mac users who’ve always secretly wished that their iPhone’s Lock Screen looked and felt more like their Mac’s Lock Screen, are in luck — especially if they’ve got a jailbroken iPhone at their disposal.

MacPass is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer ETHN that brings the coveted macOS Lock Screen user experience to pwned handsets.

Experience a better Lock Screen on jailbroken iOS 14 with Dodo

The iPhone’s native Lock Screen does exactly what it was designed to do – that is, provide a secure layer between the user and your handset’s operating system where you need to authenticate yourself to move forward.

But if you’re anything like half of iPhone users in existence today, then you might find yourself getting somewhat bored with the static Lock Screen appearance that the iOS platform has exhibited for many years now.

Hinata gives jailbroken iPhones a Samsung Galaxy-inspired Lock Screen

Any jailbreakers with an interest in changing the way their iPhone’s Lock Screen looks may want to refresh their package manager’s sources.

A newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Hinata by iOS developer Sugiuta replaces the iPhone’s familiar Lock Screen aesthetics with something that appears to be inspired by the Samsung Galaxy Lock Screen.

DontWannaSleepNow makes it easier to unlock your iPhone while in Sleep mode

Apple began integrating sleep-related health feature into the iPhone in iOS 13 with Bedtime, but it wasn’t until iOS 14 that more meaningful sleep-based features such as Sleep Mode came to fruition.

When Sleep Mode is active, your iPhone mutes incoming notifications with Do Not Disturb to keep you asleep and dissuades you from using your iPhone when you should be sleeping by way of a more convoluted Lock Screen that adds an additional button to tap before you can swipe up to unlock.

Mochi is a properly-sized Now Playing widget for jailbroken iPhones with tons of customization

After you begin listening to music on your iPhone, iOS automatically kicks the Now Playing widget into high gear by displaying it on the Lock Screen and in Notification Center.

There’s just one problem: it’s rather big any clunky, and such qualities don’t jibe well with an interface that’s also designed to show the user all of their missed notification banners.

Arizona lets jailbreakers reposition the Lock Screen’s date and time

While Apple has experimented with bolder and lighter fonts for the Lock Screen’s date and time display over the years, one thing that certainly hasn’t changed would be the position of this element.

For as long as I can remember, the Lock Screen’s date and time display has been centered somewhere within the top 1/3 of the display. Apple doesn’t provide any options in iOS for customizing the Lock Screen’s date and time display positioning, and with that in mind, it may come as no surprise that the jailbreak community has developed its own means of doing so.

ByeQuickAction removes the Lock Screen’s Quick Action buttons

The Lock Screen is home to two familiar Quick Action buttons on notched handsets that allow users to launch their Camera or ignite their flashlight on demand. But some users either don’t like these buttons or toggle them accidentally so often that their sheer existence isn’t worth it at all.

For those who’d like to remove the Camera and Flashlight Quick Action buttons from the Lock Screen, ByeQuickAction is a new and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer AJB that does exactly that.

JellyLock Reborn breathes new life into a popular Lock Screen launcher tweak from the past

Remember JellyLock? If you don’t, then we’re happy to remind you that it was a popular jailbreak tweak from way back in the day that allowed pwned iPhone users to enjoy an Android-inspired app launcher from the comfort of their Lock Screen.

JellyLock’s intense popularity when was first released is a testament to just how much iPhone users wanted access to these kinds of shortcuts on their device. Fast-forward to today, and iOS features Camera and Flashlight shortcuts, but not much else. That’s why we’re excited to talk today about JellyLock Reborn by iOS developer MegaDev, as it breathes new life into this beautiful tweak for modern iterations of iOS.