MusicMark saves your place in the Music app when you respring or force-quit the app

When you’re in the middle of listening to media via Apple’s Music app and you end up having to force-quit the app or respring your device for any reason, you’ll notice that the app never remembers your place in the song when you get the Music app up and running again.

A new free jailbreak tweak called MusicMark by iOS developer Tony Kraft fixes this by forcing the Music app to remember your place in a song whenever you respring or force-quit the Music app, effectively allowing you to resume where you left off.

This tweak can be a savior for many, as jailbreakers tend to respring their devices quite frequently due to the need of having to respring after installing or configuring certain jailbreak tweaks.

Once you install the tweak, if you do end up respringing or force-quitting your Music app, your device will come back up and you can re-launch the Music app to start playing your music again right where it was before you last took action.

For someone like me who is always testing and configuring jailbreak tweaks on a daily basis, MusicMark is somewhat of a godsend. If I want to continue where I left off in my Music app after installing something new from Cydia and respringing my device, then MusicMark can certainly help me do that with ease.

While not everyone is going to be downloading and installing jailbreak tweaks as frequently as I do, that’s not to say that the everyday jailbreak user can’t benefit from this highly-functional little add-on.

Unfortunately, the tweak doesn’t force the music to start playing again automatically, so you still have to re-launch the Music app and tap play manually when you’re ready, but at least you won’t have to waste time scrubbing back to the exact point where you left off, which is a huge plus in my book.

It is worth noting that MusicMark isn’t intended to be used with third-party music apps, but some apps like Spotify Music already save your place when you respring your device. That said, some third-party music apps wouldn’t even need a tweak like this in the first place.

MusicMark doesn’t come with any options to configure and can be downloaded for free today from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. It’s made to work on jailbroken iOS 9 and iOS 10 devices.

Will you be grabbing MusicMark to for your music needs? Share in the comments below.