Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Eclipse 4, FingerTouch, SmartVPN, & more…

Things are really changing for the better in the jailbreak community since the Yalu iOS 10.0-10.2 jailbreak became stable enough for the public to use. Not only has Cydia been brought out of beta for iOS 10, but Cydia purchases have also been enabled, which means jailbreak tweak developers can now host their paid tweaks for the iOS 10 jailbreak.

Since this week has been pretty busy, we’ll be rounding up all the tweaks that were released throughout the week and putting them into a neat little list for you. We’ll start with our favorites first, then move on to the rest later.

Our favorite releases this week

Eclipse 4 (iOS 10) – $0.99

Eclipse 4 is a major release, as it brings a popular dark mode jailbreak tweak to life on the latest jailbreakable firmware available (iOS 10.0-10.2).

The tweak is just as useful as ever, allowing users to customize their color schemes and tinting throughout the operating system as whole.

Complete with a white list system, users can choose what apps are and aren’t affected by the tweak, which is perfect for when you get that random app that doesn’t want to cooperate.

You can read our full review of Eclipse 4 to learn more about it and how it works.

FingerTouch – FREE

FingerTouch is basically a tweak that makes the Touch ID sensor on your iPhone more useful.

This tweak can be used to assign various gestures related to the Touch ID sensor to various actions. For example, you can tap on it, tap and hold on it, or even triple-tap on it to make certain things happen, like toggling the flashlight for example.

It’s a lot like an Activator for the Touch ID sensor specifically. I think this is a great tweak, and the fact that it’s free makes it even more incredible.

You can read our full review of FingerTouch to learn more about it.


SmartVPN is a new free jailbreak tweak that really is quite smart.

It’s intended to help keep your information more secure by automatically firing up your iPhone’s configured VPN service any time you open an app.

SmartVPN can be configured on a per-app basis, which is particularly useful if you want to secure the connections of certain apps. It can also be useful when a VPN causes trouble with a specific app, as you can toggle the VPN off for that app only.

You can read our full review of SmartVPN to learn more about it.

Other releases this week

App Percent: Shows the download percentage and a notification for downloading apps (free – review)

Camera Mode 10: Enables the “Portrait Mode” interface on non-iPhone 7 Plus devices (free)

CCShadowRemover: Eliminates the dark shadow above Control Center (free)

CertRemainTime: An app that lets you see when your Yalu jailbreak certificate expires (free – review)

CleanNotifications10: Gives notifications on iOS 10 a cleaner look (free – review)

ControlMyCenter: Lets you change around the Control Center toggle buttons (free)

CRSettings: Lets you put a custom image as the background in your Reachability interface (free – review)

DisplayWeather 10: Adds weather information to the top of Notification Center & the Lock screen (free – review)

DizzyFolders: Changes the animations for opening folders on the Home screen (free)

Faster Charging: Helps reduce power usage while charging your device so it charges faster (free)

HapticKeyboard: Brings taptic feedback to the keyboard (free – review)

KillBackground10: Adds buttons to the App Switcher & Control Center to close all switcher apps ($0.99 – review)

NoMusicLabel: Allows you to shrink or hide the music label on the Lock screen (free)

NoSharePlz: Removes the useless “Share this app” 3D Touch menu item from the Home screen (free – review)

NoYouTubeDoubleTap: Disables the skipping +/- 10 seconds with a double-tap in the YouTube app (free)

RunMario: Enables you to play Super Mario Run on a jailbroken device (free)

Safari Tools: An all-in-one customization tweak for Safari (free – review)

SameStatusBar: Makes the Lock screen Status Bar size the same as the springboard one (free)

SingleLineDate: Makes the date in Notification Center a single line, rather than double (free)

TapticPasscodeButtons: Brings taptic feedback to the passcode input screen on iPhone 6s/7 (free – review)

Telexplicit: Disables explicit material checks in the Telegram app (free)

TGUnblock: Lets you unlock blocked channels in the Telegram app (free)

While that wraps it up for this week, the nostalgia for a jailbreak for so long has left jailbreak developers with tons of time to think up new tweak ideas, so we’re sure these coming weeks will bring a number of interesting new jailbreak tweak releases.

If you’re itching for more jailbreak tweaks, we’d recommend standing tuned to iDB over the next several weeks. Of course, you can also read last week’s jailbreak tweak roundup just to see whether or not you’ve missed anything special.

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