CRSettings lets you apply an image background to the Reachability view

I feel like Reachability is a must-have feature on any 5.5-inch display, but Apple really just wastes all that space at the top of the screen by not using it for anything.

A new free jailbreak tweak called CRSettings by ChanYu makes use of the empty space in a particularly fun way by filling it with a background image of your choice.

While there are several jailbreak tweaks out there that make use of the empty space by filling it with information panels, or other handy features, CRSettings takes a bit of a fun approach to utilizing all that space, as it’s really not much of a functional tweak as it is a a cosmetic one.

By default, the tweak is configured to display the ‘iPhone guts’ image you see above, which gives the illusion that you’re pulling away the screen and seeing your iPhone’s internal hardware. It’s pretty neat, and it was a throwback to a fun time in the jailbreak community when jailbreak tweaks would let you do fun and quirky things with your device.

It’s worth noting that the background is only visible when you’re in an app and you use Reachability. If you’re on the Home screen, then you won’t see the image background you set; rather, you’ll see this:

If you’re bored by the iPhone guts image, then have no fear, because CRSettings is fully customizable and you can use any image in its place that you want to.

To set up a new image, you’ll have to use a file manager like iFile. Essentially what you’re going to do is find an image you want, open it in iFile, and name it “Custom.png” before moving it into the /Library/CRSettings/ folder. After you do this, you can simply respring your device and the new image will take effect any time you open the Reachability interface.

Although the customization method is a bit primitive at best, it still gives you the flexibility to customize the image that appears in the Reachability view as long as you have this tweak installed.

Admittedly, I wish the tweak’s preferences pane had some kind of image picker that could source images from the Camera Roll, but maybe this is something that can be added in the future?

Speaking of the preferences pane, you’ll find it in the Settings app. Here, you can toggle the tweak on or off on demand:

CRSettings is a pretty cool tweak, in my opinion, but since its effects are purely cosmetic, your opinions may differ.

If you’re interested in trying the tweak out, you can download it for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository today. The tweak will work on both jailbroken iOS 9 and iOS 10 devices.

What are your thoughts on CRSettings? Share in the comments below.