CAHighFPS can force higher frame rates in some iPhone games that cap at 30fps

When you play games on your fully-loaded gaming PC, you expect your graphics card to crank out the highest graphics at the highest frame rates for the best aesthetics. This also means having a gaming display panel that supports those high frame rates.

When it comes to smartphones, users are less picky. But the Apple’s ProMotion displays promise up to 120 frames per second under certain circumstances. So is it too much to ask to take advantage of higher frame rates when available?

AlwaysOnMusic: An always-on display for iPhones when music is playing

Apple didn’t introduce always-on display (AOD) functionality with its iPhone 13 lineup this year as many had expected them to do. Fortunately, one advantage to jailbreaking these days is that you can enjoy an always-on display experience on your current iPhone without waiting for Apple to get their bleep together.

In fact, a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed AlwaysOnMusic by iOS developer Jez takes a new and rather exciting approach to always-on display functionality for anyone who enjoys using their iPhone for music consumption.

How to rotate a monitor and use it vertically in macOS

Rotate monitor in macOS

Adding an extra monitor to your Mac can be highly beneficial as it can improve your productivity, and make multi-tasking easier. The second monitor adds more screen real estate, and is normally used in landscape orientation. However, using a monitor vertically or in portrait orientation, can also improve your productivity and is more suited to some users.