Apps of the week: Haunt the House, Run Sackboy Run, and more

Apps of the week

This week produced a whole bunch of scary titles. I know that Halloween is over, but there is no reason not to continue the spooky celebration for a little while longer. If I could, I’d keep Halloween going all year long. My costume might get a little gross after the first few months, though. If you are holding onto that creepy feeling just a little bit longer, or maybe want some help with your finances, we’ve got a list of apps and games to get you through the weekend.

Haunt the House: Terrortown

Haunt the House Terrortown

Have you ever wanted to haunt someone that has wronged you? Instead of being frightened by ghosts, why not do the haunting? In this supernatural romp, players move from room to room throughout a well-populated town. Your goal is to rid the town of those pesky humans. Swoop into any inanimate object in a room to send them running. You must scare everyone away before daylight or be shuffled off to the stuffy attic to hide for all eternity. Collect different ghosts along your spooky travels and switch out between different ones as you play. This game is on sale for $0.99.

Run Sackboy! Run!

Run Sackboy Run

You may recognize that smiley-faced knit guy from the PlayStation hit, Little Big Planet. This time, the famous platform pal is running for his life from a giant diesel truck looking monster. In this side-scrolling endless runner, players collect glowing bubbles along a familiar landscape. If you’ve played any games in the LBP franchise, you’ll recognize the various worlds you’ll get to visit. Collect stickers and win prizes. Customize Sackboy’s look with a variety of adorable costumes. Grab power ups that will help keep you ahead of the evil GOO that is hot on your tailless backside. This game is available for free.



We’ve turned the corner and are now headed into the holiday season. Don’t wait until New Years to resolve to budget. Now is the time to start paying attention to your spending habits. With this handy app, you can keep track of multiple budgets, analyze your expenses, and get a big-picture look at where you can save. Calculate multiple expenses with a single tap. Set parameters for a weekly or monthly budget, and view your upcoming expenses on the in-app calendar. This Christmas, I won’t overspend. This app is available for $3.99.

Medford Asylum: Paranormal Café

Medford Asylum

This hidden objects adventure will have you crawling the walls. A professional insurance investigator finds herself in the middle of a bizarre strike from a group of construction workers at a former asylum. As you wander through the dark and disturbed halls of this home for the insane, uncover clues to why everyone gets scared away. Use items you find to access new locations and solve puzzles to help you discover whether this place is really haunted or not. You may think you know the answer, but what is hidden under the basement flooring might change your mind. This game is available for $4.99.



This fun little widget is great for people who want to know all of the intimate details of their iPhone. Set up a Today widget for things like Wi-Fi usage, cellular usage, storage capacity and CPU data. You don’t have to show them all. Pick and choose the information you prefer. Then, open the widget from your lock screen to see the info that you want to know. If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because it was previously a jailbreak tweak. The dev gave me two copies to give away. If you’re actually reading this, you might be able to download the app for free. Here’s one: LJM3R36KFJ6X. And the other: WH4MKHEMJ7W9. This app is available for $1.99.

Secret Files Sam Peters

Sam Peters

Fans of the Secret Files series will be happy to know that the third installment is now available on iOS. The game’s developer calls it an “interactive novella,” which means a rich storyline to follow. You’ll be taking on the role of investigative journalist Sam Peters as she fights her way through the dangerous jungles of Ghana. Not only is she always in peril from local wildlife, but the nighttime brings around a supernatural element. Explore the landscape. Investigate villages. Follow-up on leads. You’ll be tasked with taking on quests, solving riddles, and delving deep into the dark secrets of Lake Bosumtwi. This game is available for $2.99.

Twisty Hollow

Twisty Hollow

In the sleepy town of Twisty Hollow, things have started to spin out of control. A mentally unstable self-appointed mayor has decreed a lot of weird laws that are hard to follow. At the same time, you must keep the townsfolk busy and happy. You must spin a three-tiered wheel to line up specific recipes. The first tier houses the worker. The second tier houses the tool. The third tier houses the ingredient. Players line up the recipe and serve it to the customer. If you’ve done everything right, you’ll get a nice tip. It’s like a time management game on a wheel of life. This game is available for $2.99.

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