Omnistat shows CPU, battery, memory usage and more stats straight from Notification Center

Omnistat app widget

Omnistat is a new app available in the App Store that provides a quick glance at some basic stats of your iOS device from within the app itself, or from Notification Center via a Today tab widget. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Omnistat used to be a jailbreak tweak back in the days of iOS 5. The tweak has now matured into a legit application that is simply yet elegantly designed to show various statistics about your device such as CPU usage, running processes and more.

All stats can be accessed directly from the app itself where everything is broken down into several categories: device, Wi-Fi, cellular, storage, memory, CPU, and battery. The same scope of information can also be accessed via the widgets, which are also broken down into several categories.

Obviously, this app won’t be for everybody, but if you like to keep a close eye on the various processes running on your device, or on your CPU usage among other things, then the $1.99 price tag of this app shouldn’t turn you down.

Download Omnistat in the App Store for $1.99.