‘OmniStat’ Adds Loads of Statistical Figures to iOS 5’s Notification Center

Want to know the name of your iDevice? How about its storage capacity, OS, build, or free memory available?

For stat junkies, there’s no better jailbreak tweak than OmniStat. OmniStat is a widget that resides in iOS 5’s Notification Center, and it puts a ridiculous amount of iDevice stats right at your fingertips…


Upon installing OmniStat beta, all you need to do is venture into your Settings app, tap Notifications, and enable the widget.

Once enabled, it’ll display all of your favorite statistical information in your Notification Center.

Not only is it a powerful tool, it’s also beautifully designed, complementing the linen background with style and grace.

You can try OmniStat right now if you have a jailbroken iDevice running iOS 5. You can score it on Cydia’s BigBoss beta repo here: http://thebigboss.org/ios5beta/

What do you think about OmniStat?