What to expect from the iPad 3 event

Apple is holding a media event this Wednesday. And unlike previous Apple events, there doesn’t appear to be much guesswork left in figuring out what the company will unveil during the highly-anticipated keynote.

We’ve heard and passed on a number of rumors and reports regarding Apple’s next tablet over the last few months. So we decided to bring them all together in one last post to help you make your final predictions on what we’ll see Apple announce on Wednesday…

Judging by the press invitations, and loads of other evidence, the iPad 3 is going to be the star of the show. Below you’ll find nearly every rumor and report regarding what the new tablet will look like and what features it will employ.


Nearly every bit of information we’ve heard about the iPad 3 suggests that it will look extremely similar to its predecessor. Recent reports and component leaks seem to point to a slightly thicker iPad 2-looking device with more-noticeable tapered edges.

Now that we [think we] know what the iPad 3 is going to look like, onto its features.


This one seems like a no-brainer at this point. Expect the new iPad to feature an extremely high resolution display, and the word “Retina” to be tossed about. Apple unveiled its Retina display for the iPhone back in 2010, and there’s overwhelming evidence that we’ll finally see it come to the tablet.


While initial reports seemed all but certain that Apple’s next tablet would feature its quad-core A6 processor, more recent claims point to an upgraded dual-core processor dubbed the A5X. Either way, it looks like the next iPad will employ an improved processor.

Wireless connectivity

Even though Apple isn’t known for adopting technology that isn’t widely available to the masses, all of the evidence we’ve seen points to the iPad 3 being LTE-capable. This will allow users to connect to 4G wireless networks and enjoy true broadband internet speeds while out and about.

We’ve also seen a couple of reports on some other possible iPad 3 features, including upgraded cameras and possible Siri integration. While the improved cameras seem like a done-deal, whether the tablet will feature full Siri support is still up for debate.

On top of the iPad 3, we are seeing increasing evidence that Apple will also unveil a new version of its popular Apple TV set top box. It’s been more than a year since the device has been upgraded, and several retailers are now reporting the current model out of stock.

Now that you know what to expect from Apple’s iPad 3 event, you can draw your own conclusions. And if you’d like, you can join us tomorrow morning as the iDB team makes its final predictions of what we think we’ll see Apple unveil at the Wednesday keynote.