Apple employee says iPad 3 screen is “truly amazing”

Earlier today we heard a report from AllThingsD claiming that Apple’s anticipated iPad 3 announcement is just a few weeks away. The site believes that we could see Apple unveil its next-generation tablet as early as the first week in March.

Now the New York Times is weighing in on the slate, claiming that it has also learned details about the next iPad. And according to its sources, the tablet’s [anticipated] Retina display looks “truly amazing…”

From the NYT:

“An Apple employee said that the version of the new iPad that is being tested inside the company is “essentially the same size and shape as the iPad 2,” with an improved and “truly amazing” screen. The tablet will include a faster processor, said the employee, who did not want to be identified because Apple is not fond of leaks.”

This information lines up with several previous rumors we’ve heard regarding the next-generation iPad’s upgraded components. It also lends some credibility to all of the gossip we’ve heard about its appearance. There have been a number of reports, and recent component leaks, suggesting that the iPad 3 will look extremely similar to its predecessor.

On top of a Retina display and faster processor, Apple’s next tablet is also rumored to feature high resolution cameras, Siri support, and 4G LTE technology.