iPad 3 rumored A6 processor to be Dual-Core, not Quad-Core as hoped?

Today, more details about the upcoming iPad 3 emerged, when Fix iPhones showed us the supposed back of the iPad 3. In the report, it was noted that the iPad 3 was to have an updated camera, larger battery, and new screen.

To add to the rumors earlier, The Verge has come out with a new report, saying that the iPad 3’s rumored A6 processor will be dual-core, and not quad-core as people have hoped…

We’re also told that the A6 CPU the iPad 3 is likely to sport will include a significantly more powerful GPU — no big surprise there. What is surprising, however, is that our sources say that the A6 will not be a quad-core chip, but will remain dual-core. We’ve previously had heard that the device would have a quad-core CPU as well as an LTE cell radio on-board, but at least part of that story wasn’t accurate.

The Verge’s report contradicts Bloomberg’s, who said that the iPad 3 A6 processor was to be dual-core, but today’s report says otherwise. A quad-core processor makes sense out of Apple, to maybe compete with the abundance of Android tablets that feature quad-core processors. But, Apple doesn’t always sway to how where the market is. The report also says there is chance an LTE radio could be on-board, but that doesn’t seem as likely.

Like in typical fashion, the A6 processor will most likely make its way to the iPhone 5, which is rumored to launch this summer. The iPad 2 launched with the A5 processor, which Apple then put into the recent iPhone 4S.

The Verge makes an interesting side note regarding when the iPad 3 might be announced. Since there are only 29 days in February, Apple could announce the new tablet on February 29th with the theme “It’s time to leap ahead.” The iPad 3 would then be ready to go on sale two weeks later, in time for the SXSW conference — just like last year. Of course at this point, the announcement is just pure speculation.

How do you feel about the iPad 3 not sporting a quad-core processor?

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