A6 Processor

Talk of purported Apple chip plant ‘Project Azalea’ pops up in Oregon

Last week, an interesting report popped up regarding 'Project Azalea,' a mysterious plan for a 3.2 million-square-foot production facility being pitched to New York economic development officials by an unidentified company. Because of its reported $10 billion construction cost, the general consensus is that it's likely a chip-making plant. And rumor has it that it's for Apple's products.

The theory is that the Cupertino company could be behind this Azalea project, along with a major manufacturer like Foxconn or TSMC. It's no secret that Apple is trying to move its mobile chip business away from Samsung, and a new $10B fab plant would definitely help out with that. The question is, where is it going to be built? Because Azalea talk just popped up in Oregon...

Apple reportedly looking to move mobile chip business to Intel

As crazy as things have been getting between Apple and Samsung in their ongoing patent war, you knew it was only a matter of time before the fight spilled outside of the court room. We continue to hear rumors and reports that Apple is looking to move away from the Korean company as a component manufacturer — it's already doing this with displays, and could soon start doing it with processors...

New A6 chip confirmed to have three GPU cores

The iPhone 5 launched yesterday, and first impressions seem to be in line with the early reviews: the thing is fast. As most of you know, Apple custom-built an all-new processor for the handset called the A6.

Now that the phone is available, we expect to learn more about the new chip as teardown experts continue to rip the device apart. In fact, a new tidbit has already surfaced: the A6 has triple-core graphics...

iPhone 5 finishes first in SunSpider Javascript performance test

The iPhone 5, sporting Apple's custom A6 processor, is really turning some heads in the tech world. Last week it beat out the competition in Geekbench tests, and early reviews say the handset is extremely fast.

And the accolades don't stop there. The first SunSpider Javascript benchmark, which measures Javascript performance, for the iPhone 5 was published last night. And again, Apple's smartphone swept the field...

iPhone 5 found to have 1GB of RAM, custom processor

As usual, Apple didn't give us many details regarding the internals of the iPhone 5 outside of what it lists on the handset's Features page. We know it has an A6 processor, but that's about it.

Luckily, some smart folks have done some digging and have uncovered some interesting information about Apple's new smartphone. For instance, they've confirmed it has 1GB of RAM...

A concise iPhone 5 hardware overview

We've already brought you a truck load of coverage from today's iPhone 5 event, so how about a concise wrap-up of the iPhone 5's hardware features as a night cap?

What do you think? Are you satisfied with Apple's hardware offerings for the iPhone 5?

Image of claimed next-gen iPhone logic board shows A6 processor

Over the past few months, we've seen just about enough next-gen iPhone parts to... build a next-gen iPhone. We've seen fronts and backs, and batteries, and charging ports — pretty much everything except the processor. Until today.

A new image has surfaced this morning of what is said to be the logic board of Apple's sixth-generation handset. And, if legitimate, it confirms that the smartphone will house the long-rumored quad-core A6 processor...

Rumor: Apple working on both A5X and A6 processors

Adding to the array of iPad 3 rumors that have been floating our way, 9to5mac's Mark Gurman has published a report clearing the waters about recent talk over which processor Apple is going to use in the iPad 3.

There have been conflicting reports that the iPad 3 will feature a quad-core processor, while some say it will only be an upgraded dual-core. We've seen code references and pictures of both, but today, 9to5mac says that Apple has been working on both the A5X and A6 processors...

Rumor: iPad 2 and iPad 3 photographed side-by-side

Last week into this weekend has been iPad 3 rumor central. We first saw images of the purported tablet, hints of an A5X processor instead of an A6, and Samsung Retina displays in production. Tonight, comes another iPad 3 rumor.

Reputable for their rumors, MIC Gadget has posted a rumor roundup of all of the latest on the iPad 3. In the post, MIC Gadget has posted the iPad 2 and iPad 3 side-by-side, revealing how much more tapered the iPad 3 really is...

iPad 3 rumored A6 processor to be Dual-Core, not Quad-Core as hoped?

Today, more details about the upcoming iPad 3 emerged, when Fix iPhones showed us the supposed back of the iPad 3. In the report, it was noted that the iPad 3 was to have an updated camera, larger battery, and new screen.

To add to the rumors earlier, The Verge has come out with a new report, saying that the iPad 3's rumored A6 processor will be dual-core, and not quad-core as people have hoped...