Apple releases a major new firmware upgrade for its mobile device lineup every year, and with the announcement of iOS 11 at the WWDC 2017 keynote on Monday, it’s somewhat ironic that Apple has once again borrowed many of its new feature ideas from the brilliant minds that make up the jailbreak community.

In this roundup, we’ll discuss 13 new features in iOS 11 that have previously existed in Cydia as jailbreak tweaks before the new firmware, which is set to release this Fall, was ever even announced.

iOS 11 features inspired by the jailbreak community

1. Customizing Control Center

For the first time, iOS 11 brings Control Center customization to your iPhone or iPad right out of the box. You used to be stuck with whatever Control Center setup Apple gave you, but now you can hide or show items from Control Center and rearrange it to your liking without having to hack your device.

This isn’t a completely new concept, as jailbreak tweaks like CChide enabled you to hide or show individual Control Center sections to hide things you never use and only show the things you do. Granted Apple’s implementation is cleaner and has more to offer, there are various other jailbreak tweaks that also added new functions to Control Center, like Onizuka.

2. On-device screen recording

iOS 11 allows you to record your display from the device itself with just the tap of a button from Control Center.

At one point, display recording was a jailbreak-only feature until Apple finally enabled the feature via macOS’s QuickTime app. Even so, this required having a Mac to capture your iPhone or iPad’s screen via video, and it wasn’t convenient for everyone.

Display Recorder by Ryan Petrich was perhaps the most renowned display-recording jailbreak tweak ever released, but among the most recent releases to enable on-device display recording is CCRecord, which adds a button right to Control Center for recording your screen.

For what it’s worth, the tweak used hidden code that was already present in iOS 10, and it’s assumed that this is the exact same code Apple is using to allow display recording on the device in iOS 11.

3. Pinning important Notes

Among one of the many new features that comes jam-packed into iOS 11’s new Notes app is the ability to pin your most important notes in the app so you can easily discern them from every other one you’ve jotted down.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because we only just recently showed you a jailbreak tweak dubbed Thumbtack that enabled this feature on iOS 10 devices. Notably, the jailbreak tweak also re-orders pinned notes to the top of the app, so it’s a comparable functionality to the one Apple is bringing us out of the box.

4. Cellular data Control Center toggle

For the first time, Apple is bringing a dedicated cellular data toggle to Control Center that lets you shut off all cellular radios without having to use Airplane Mode or go into the Settings app to switch everything off. It’s perfect for saving additional battery when you don’t need cellular access or for saving cellular data when you’re close to your monthly allotment.

The jailbreak community already answered this request by bringing a cellular data toggle to iOS with the CCDataMore jailbreak tweak previously, which also added a green toggle button to Control Center.

For what it’s worth, the tweak used code that was already present in Apple’s iOS 10 operating system, and like the case with the display-recording tweak, this is probably the same code that drives iOS 11’s cellular data toggle button.

5. Translating languages with Siri

Apple made tons of improvements to Siri with iOS 11, including new fluent voices, music-driven commands, and wittier jokes and personality, but another feature Apple is giving Siri for the first time is language translation.

It’s a feature users have wanted for a long time, but the jailbreak community got to it first. Using an AssistantExtensions add-on dubbed Lingual, which was released just a few years ago, it was possible to make Siri translate words from one language to another.

Without the need to use third-party apps from the App Store, having this feature embedded in a stock function of the device is nothing less than convenient, but the jailbreak community definitely served as inspiration here.

6. Scanning QR codes

Android devices have supported it forever, and there are a host of App Store apps that enable this functionality, but one thing all stock iPhones have lacked since day one is the ability to scan QR codes.

Apple is finally making it available with the release of iOS 11, and while it’s a bit late to the party, it’s integrated right into the Camera app for your convenience.

Several jailbreak tweaks in the past, such as NativeQR, have enabled QR code reading in the stock camera app, so one might say that Apple’s idea to add it to the stock Camera app was, in part, derived from the jailbreak community.

7. Moving many Home screen icons simultaneously

For as long as I can remember, anyone who wanted to edit their iPhone’s Home screen had to enter ‘jiggle’ mode and individually move each app icon one-by-one; iOS 11 is changing that in two major ways.

Not only do you not have to go into ‘jiggle’ mode anymore, but you can now move multiple app icons from one page to another simultaneously.

Much like having a jailbreak tweaks like MultiIconMover or MultiActions installed on a stock device, this will make Home-screen editing more productive and faster than ever before. Still, it’s fair to say the jailbreak community got to this one first.

8. Viewing animated GIFs in the Photos app

Apple’s Photos app never supported animated GIFs out of the box; rather they always looked like still images any time you viewed them. Although it was quite a buzzkill for GIF-lovers, Apple seems to be taking a liking to animated GIFs in iOS 11 with native support.

For what it’s worth, a jailbreak tweak dubbed GIFViewer unlocked this capability on jailbroken iPhones and iPads a few years ago, so the jailbreak community came up with a native-like solution before Apple did.

9. Applying a system-wide ‘dark mode’

Although it’s not specifically labeled by Apple as a “dark mode,” iOS 11 does appear to have an updated color inversion setting that looks an awful lot like one.

If we could pin the tail on the donkey, we’d say the feature looks an awful lot like a hybrid between two jailbreak tweaks known as Noctis and Eclipse. In fact, some parts looks so much like Noctis that the developer said he will not be updating the tweak for iOS 11 should a jailbreak ever surface.

The iOS 11 feature looks better in most stock apps than it does in third-party apps, but this is to be expected, as the same can be said for the jailbreak tweaks that brought this feature to iOS 10 and earlier.

Whether or not dark mode jailbreak tweaks actually inspired this “accessibility” feature, it’s safe to say that it looks pretty similar to Noctis and that even regular iOS 11 users can take advantage of it if they like the aesthetics.

10. Low Power Mode Control Center toggle

Low Power Mode is so useful for when you want to conserve power, but it has always been a cumbersome process to turn the feature on manually, as the toggle switch is buried deep within the iPhone’s Settings.

New in iOS 11 is a toggle button for Control Center that makes it easier to conserve power when you’re running low or expecting to be away from the power outlet for a while.

This should sound relatively familiar, as a jailbreak tweak dubbed CCLowPower was recently released that enabled a similar Control Center-based toggle on jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

It’s worth noting that the Low Power Mode toggle tweak was using code that Apple already put into iOS 10 for the toggle button, but it was hidden from users; the tweak simply enabled it.

11. One-handed keyboard

Another of the notable new features in iOS 11 that seems to be derived from the jailbreak community’s endless ocean of ideas is the one-handed keyboard.

Apple’s largest iPhones have displays spanning both 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches diagonally, each of which are pretty typical for smartphones these days. Still, they’re pretty big for someone with smaller hands to comfortably type one-handed without the fear of losing grip and dropping their handset. The 4-inch display was perfect for one-handed use, so Apple took that into consideration by basing a one-handed keyboard off of this size.

The concept is similar to a jailbreak tweak dubbed OneHandWizard, which essentially shrinks down the iOS interface to the size of a 4-inch device and offsets it to one side of the display for easier one-handed usage. While the tweak shrinks the entire interface and Apple only shrinks the keyboard, the implementation, on the other hand, is almost identical; without a doubt, the jailbreak community was onto this idea first.

12. Customizing AirPods gestures

AirPods have been such a hot commodity that Apple can’t seem to keep them in stock. Nevertheless, they haven’t been very customizable since their launch.

iOS 11 brings new customization features to the AirPods, allowing you to customize tap-based gestures for each AirPod. This means you can set up differing gestures for the left and right AirPods for maximum control capabilities.

While Apple probably had this idea planned for a while, the jailbreak community was already working on a way to let you customize your AirPod gestures before they got to it. Siliqua was a jailbreak tweak we showed you in beta that got released into Cydia beforehand, so it’s only fair we give the jailbreak community some credit.

13. Subtle volume HUD

The volume HUD has been a pain point of the iPhone and iPad platforms for a long time, as it has always popped up in the middle of the screen. This not only interrupts you when you’re playing videos or games, but it’s not as good-looking either.

iOS 11 resolves most of the problem with an updated volume HUD that appears when watching full-screen videos. It works in both portrait and landscape orientation.

For what it’s worth, the jailbreak community has been creating all kinds of new volume HUD solutions, ranging from some of the most original like StatusHUD to some of the more modern, like Sonus. While the implementations are indeed very different, that’s the difference between the jailbreak community’s ingenuity and Apple’s attention to detail.

Wrapping up

While there may be many other features shipping with iOS 11 in the Fall that jailbreakers have had for eons, these were some of the most apparent things I’ve noticed right off the bat without even trying the iOS 11 beta yet.

If you’ve spotted anything that looks familiar from your days of jailbreaking, feel free to share in the comments section below!

  • Jay

    Closer and closer to not needing a jailbreak every year.

    • AMB_07

      I used to jailbreak when I owned an iPhone 4. But ever since i’ve had an SE I never once felt the need to jailbreak, iOS finally feels advanced enough to be used as is to me.

      • Jay

        Im with you. I used to jailbreak like it was my religion. My 7 was jailbroken but I updated in an attempt to fix an issue the Bluetooth was having with my car. I do miss certain tweaks but overall I feel as though I don’t need a jailbreak anymore.

      • Wilber Alexander Flores

        The only thing I have jail broken is my iPad mini 2 on iOS 8 and that’s is a must for apps like movie box and what not but on my phone I like it stock especially now on iOS 11 it makes me less and less inclined to want a jailbreak but I would like a dark mode that’s 100%

    • I stiil look forward to Apple in implementing FolderEnhancer into iOS. 3 by 3 Apps on a drawer page, come on Apple you must be joking

    • Sebastian Rasch

      Theming is my reason to jailbreak. Can’t live without it, stock iOS is ugly, above all the icons.

      • Mike M. Powell

        After leaving the JB family when iOS 10 dev beta came out last year. It took me a while to get adjusted to the stock look. Now I think it’s looks lovely for some reason

      • Yeah I can remember when I first started using iOS 7. I couldn’t stand the cartoony bright interface, but after about 6 months with it I picked up a phone that was still on iOS 6 and suddenly found myself thinking wow it’s just so dark and muddled. Not sure when it happened for me, but somewhere along the lines I went from not being a fan to preferring it and I didn’t even notice the transition 😛


    • Matt

      Every year has been closer, but this might be it for me

      • Jay

        Im thinking the same.

  • Steven S.

    This. Is. Amazing.

  • Greg Warren

    I must be missing something; I’m on iOS 11 beta and can only move one app at a time on the home screen. How do you move multiple?

    • Carlos Reyes

      From what I have seen, you have to hold one application in wiggle mode while at the same time with another finger tap on the other ones you want to move.

      • I had no idea you could move multiple icons at a time! Thank for sharing. LOL, how long has this been possible in iOS?

      • Greg Warren

        New in iOS 11. I’m still not able to get it to work though. I wonder what I’m doing wrong

      • Oh yeah it took me a few tries too to figure it out.

        Tap and hold an icon until you enter “wiggle mode”, then drag your icon a bit out of position and while holding it tap any other icons and it will group them together.

        The key is that you have to have started dragging that first app icon or it won’t add the others when you tap them.

        Hope that helps!

      • John

        I didn’t know that this was available on the phone as well. That’s cool.

  • Wow, you left out probably the biggest and the best jailbreak tweak ever!

    Auto-answer of audio and video calls

    • John

      Wait, what? That’s a real thing in iOS without jb?

  • OneBigInFiniteJoinT

    I did a jailbreak every single time but as iOS 7 was launched I haven’t bothered after that.

  • lookHOWMADheis

    i honestly hate when apple does this, for a company that preaches innovation, they could be doing way more with how much they are worth, i really hope the JB community starts to patent their tweaks just to sue apple down the line.

    • Javier Gore

      Not sure if a patent will be granted to an innovation which is created upon a violation/tampering with Apple’s proprietary code in the first place.

      • lookHOWMADheis

        I understand that, but do you not realize apple is damn near a trillion dollar company, they have more than enough money to hire more programmers and engineers to produce better products, is that hard to ask understand ????????? Why does a group who creates phenomenal tweaks not get the recognition they deserve mfs probably applied and apple and never got a good opportunity to help build tweaks you probably used and or pirated. Apple just started duel cameras android did it that years ago, the design of the phone compared to androids to me apple wins (certain) specs wise android wins. If the next iphone doesn’t come with better features I’m not going to buy it, doesn’t mean the millions of you won’t stand in line and spend 1000+ on a iphone that changed the location of the camera and added a few new features and tells you it’s innovative.

      • micaiah

        Code can’t be patented.

      • lookHOWMADheis

        Can a mf get an “Inspired by ….”

      • John


    • Isn’t that a really really stupid idea? I mean correct me if I’m wrong, but lets pretend for a moment that some jailbreaker came up with a ground braking tweak that EVERYONE wanted, and the next day Apple figured out a revolutionary new security measure that put an end to jailbreaking forever. Are you honestly going to say it would be better to let that tweak die then to ever let it be adopted into an OS release because of patents?

      • lookHOWMADheis

        I just think all devs deserves recognition, apple should hire or buy that tweak from a hard working developer I’m sure you pirated a couple of tweaks, buy the ones you really like, me being a self taught programmer putting myself though school to further my learning would be pissed if I created something for something I bought with the slave work that I do, and it was wanted by the masses I would want money if I buy an iphone I own it I can do whatever I want to it I understand it goes against my warranty but I bought this device 999, I see you like being told what to do, you can obviously see they can’t innovate for themselves they steal from the Jailbreak community, no I bet any kind of money let the Jailbreak community die you won’t get your precious iOS updates with cool features you’ll prob just get security updates. Think mfs think

      • Ok, first of all I have never engaged in nor advocated piracy or theft of any app, software, music or ideas. 100% of my possessions (be they digital of physical) are purchased and I strongly oppose any theft no matter how rich the producers or how small in value the item.

        Second, just because you spend a lot of time and effort on something doesn’t mean that you’re entitled monetary compensation for it. People who make malware for instance are incredibly smart people that understand computers on a level that average person can’t imagine. But does that hard work entitle them to respect or money? No, it entitles them to fines and jail time.

        Now I’m not comparing malware to jailbreaking but I’m trying to point out that not all hard work is considered equal. While the jailbreaking community has brought about some really innovative ideas and apps (and Apple has in fact hired many of these people over the years) the vast majority of jailbreak tweaks are essentially that. Tweaks. And I would argue that if your income is made by exploiting security holes and your innovation is limited to changing the workings, appearance and layouts of other people’s hard work without their permission you’re not in the realm of patentable ideas.

        For instance if you wrote an app and I thought it was cool and made a direct clone of it, but changed it juuuuuust enough that it wasn’t a blatant rip off and added some of my own modifications on top to make it better than yours how would you feel about that? If I ultimately drove your out of business by leeching off your ideas and improving upon them how would you feel?

        Now you can argue that it’s not the same because a tweak only works if you buy the original so it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. And to this I would mostly agree. But the second you start to copyright derivative works of this nature you take your first steps down the path of transforming the community from an innovative group of people trying to improve things for the good of all to a toxic group of leeches that strangle the original developers from building their own apps.

        Again, you’re a programmer so I assume you know you typically don’t get every last feature and idea into your app on day one of release. What if you have a great idea for version 1.5 that you think will really please your customer base but before you can finish implementing it some enterprising individual makes it first, figures out a way to incorporate it into your app, copyrights it and sells it? The thing about derivative works is that they have their own set of copyright issues to work though and the second you say they should stand on their own and be able to supersede the rights of the people upon who’s backs they are built, you end up with a horrifying development future.

        I’m all for jailbreaking. I think it’s cool, and a great way of proving that ideas really are good. But I don’t think that the vast majority of them should be copyrightable / patentable.

        Now this response has gone on far longer than I would have liked, so if you want to have a conversation about apple stealing from others and having 0 ideas and what not. But I’ll simply say that ideas are not limited to one individual at a time and sometime it’s possible that two people have the same idea. Sometimes it’s even possible that an idea is shelved in light of a more pressing issue and by the time you go to implement it someone else had a very similar idea. Just because two things are similar does not necessitate theft and I’m not about to make those types of accusations without concrete evidence (that’s called slander and I don’t engage in that).

      • John

        Wait, you’re black and you’re bringing “slave work” in to this… Damn, your username isn’t wrong though you’re not just mad, you’re delusional.

        I’m not sure if you work or spend all day trolling, but if you do, you’ll know that if you enjoy the job it’s not considered “slave work” at all.

        Sorry troll, your arguement is lost.
        Game. Over.

      • lookHOWMADheis

        Home pod

      • Sorry I guess I missed something, what does home pod have to do with anything?

        Also if you think I like HomePod, I posted on that article that I was disappointed with it, thought it was a waste of money and mentioned what I would have changed to make it more appealing. But I’ve been critical of that idea since the earliest rumors.

    • mickey

      I’d hate much more if stock iOS stayed stagnant. Hopefully jailbreaking the next iPhone and iOS11 is quicker than iOS10.

    • John

      The heck you on about?

      For real, you are just as bad as Anthony here. The world didn’t start nor does it revolve around jailbreakers so claim yourself.

      As for suing Apple because of reasons, let’s see Apple go after jailbreakers for breach of the EULA–Or wouldn’t that be fair?

  • I am not sure that Apple borrowed anything or was inspired by the jailbreak community. A lot of these features aren’t really groundbreaking. We’re talking about a cellular data toggle or dark mode here. These are features that are in Apple’s pipeline and aren’t necessarily a sign that Apple “stole” something from the jailbreak community, but rather that Apple finally found the time to include them in iOS 11.

    I think it was much clearer a few years ago that Apple was indeed taking features from the jailbreak community. Heck, they were even hiring tweak developers back then. Nowadays though, it’s just Apple making small adjustments to the OS, not adding radically new features.

  • zuppa di mare

    Activator and CallBar is what jailbreak means to me.

    • Very useful extensions!

    • Chris Chedrawi

      Oh man I miss CallBar so much! It’s crazy that Apple still hasn’t done anything similar to fix that.

  • zebonaut

    I noticed a spotlight search now will not tell you what folder an app is in.

  • Benedict

    Looks more like borrowed from Android…
    Again, for me the main reason to use Android phones instead of iOS devices. Sorry but iOS just always lacks years behind…

    • Feature-wise, iOS is behind in many ways. On the other hand, the way Apple refines everything is /sometimes/ worth the wait.

  • Blacklight: Retribution

    RIP jailbreak for iOS 10.3.1/10.3.2 and future updates. I feel jailbreaking is dead now.

    • jalexcarter

      I feel like jailbreaking is definitely at its least relevant as it ever has been. Apple is finally giving people the options and features that they should’ve had for years that jailbreaking was largely created for. I still would always prefer a jb version of any iOS firmware over that same versions stock firmware…but having multiple apple devices, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, it’s harder to keep my phone running old software when the devices work so much better and more flawlessly when they’re all running similar versions. For instance I couldn’t update my Apple Watch to WatchOS 3 when it drops unless I also update my iPhone to iOS 11.

      That, paired with increasing time it has taken for developers to release a jb the last 2 or 3 years has made it less and less common for people to have jailbroken devices and the fewer devices that are jailbroken the fewer developers there are making new and groundbreaking tweaks for us to use. I’ve had my iPhone 7 for almost a year now and there’s only just been a barely usable jailbreak out the last couple weeks for it. I’m glad I stayed on 10.1.1 to be able to jailbreak but sadly not sure I will after seeing what iOS 11 and WatchOS3 can do.

      Hopefully this new JailbreakersUnite conference can bring some of those great minds together and create some genius teams like there were in the good old days of jailbreaking and have iOS 11 cracked lickity split.

    • nova12

      haha people have been saying that since like iOS 5.

      edit: I haven’t been jailbroken for almost a year. but power to those who are.

      • Blacklight: Retribution

        It is more difficult to jailbreak now than it was when iOS 5 was out. Apple is smarter.

      • nova12

        It used to be very “difficult” to jailbreak. then dev teams were able to make it easy for a few versions, and now it’s more complicated again.

        for me, jailbreaking isn’t “worth it” anymore because (1) I can’t right now since I’m on the most recent version, so I tell myself it’s not worth it to make myself feel better and (2) most (but not all) of the tweak functionality I jailbroke for is available in iOS.

        That said, if a jailbreak came out for my version, I’d do it tonight.

  • It is beyond ridiculous to claim they took inspiration from the Jailbreak community. If they did, we’d have a heck of a lot more awesome tweaks poured over by now or at least years sooner.

    • It’s probably likely that some of the larger jailbreak tweaks made Apple interested in the past, but as others have said, this is probably less so nowadays than it was back in the day. Unfortunately, so. On the other hand, it’s very cool to see what kinds of things Apple brings to iOS that jailbreakers have had for a while now.

      • John

        Let’s also not kid ourselves here, the jailbreak community also took inspiration from iOS and from Android and Apple no doubt took inspiration from Android directly so to say that these are thanks to the jailbreak community might be a long stretch.

      • Sure, I completely welcome it. I actually hope they’ll look there for inspiration.

  • Mike M. Powell

    Still missing Native Quick Compose

  • brownieboy

    MyWii is the still the killer for me. No way am I going to a pay a carrier extra money just to share data, for which I’m already paying, with my own devices.

    • I totally feel you, that was once the lone reason I jailbroke my daily driver. I used TetherMe, however, as I liked the way it used the native tethering feature.

  • dr. M.

    Springtomize- for the sole purpose of populating home screen of my 7 plus with more then 5 rows of apps (which is ridiculous having 270+ installed app);
    Some sort of quicker dialing method directly within the Phone app itself, i.e. not having to use spotlight or browse Contacts (like on Android phones, when you start pressing first couple of letters of contact’s name on numeric pad, the phone app lists all the names beginning with or containing those letters).

  • Thanks for the list. I had missed the pinning of notes, and am totally going to go take advantage of that right now 🙂

    Also thanks for the clarification on the QR code. During the WWDC event the way it was stated I was under the impression that it was a Chinese only feature (which seemed strange at the time but I couldn’t find any mention of QR codes in iOS 11 and just assumed that must be region locked for some bizarre reason).

    • I too am very excited for QR code support! I like the way they’ve implemented it too.

    • John

      Yup, I thought the same thing. It was terribly worded (even for Craig) and to put it on a slide “for our friends in China” made me think it was going to be available for Chinese handsets only.

  • Minz

    Activator, BioProtect, Folder Enhancer and Springtomize are the main reason I still want a Jailbreak.

  • We are slowly reaching the point where a jailbreak will no longer be necessary for most users. A Safari downloader, a better Files app with offline transfer support, and removing the cellular download limit should suffice as long as you have a 6S or higher. For 6 and lower, Apple needs to add a SwipeSelection-like tweak that exists on the 6S via 3D touch.

  • Aviorrok
    • John

      What’s that line at the bottom of your iPhone say?

      I have never seen that before.

  • [RECON1]

    I don’t get why the cellular data toggle is there. Like is it really needed that much? Why? (Honest question)

    • Three potential reasons come to mind:

      As strange as it sounds in this day and age of unlimited everything plans, there are still lots of people with limited data. Sometimes as low a just a few hundred MB of data per month. A toggle like this is a great way to prevent accidentally using it as you can make and receive texts and phone calls but only use data when YOU want.

      The second reason, could be for traveling oversees. I could be wrong on this, but I think T-Moble for instance has unlimited talk and text in over 100 countries, but I think there are some weird things that happen with data charges in many of those places. Turning off data oversees could avoid this type of scenario.

      Third, if you’re traveling and need to keep your phone on to receive calls but want to stretch the battery life as far as possible, turning off data can help with this as well.

      I don’t know how common any of these really are, but apparently Apple felt there was enough to warrant adding it. Or maybe they couldn’t figure out what else to put in that that 4th space 😛

      • [RECON1]

        Thanks for that! Yeah, I was thinking it more for international purposes. Fortunately, I’ve never had to use that option. Kind of wish that those toggles were customizable like the bottom rows are.

      • I don’t know, I definitely think the unlimited data thing is a real struggle. Many top-carrier unlimited data plans aren’t in most people’s budget. They charge a premium for them. You can opt for lower-quality unlimited data networks in the United States, but they’re usually awful from my experience.

  • diggitydang

    Now, give us BioProtect and a Quick Compose for messages and I won’t care about jailbreaking anymore!! Of course, there will still be a place for it, but only to get me the last 5% of what I could want (not NEED). I get the Themers that want to make it look completely different from stock iOS though. For me, I just prefer to add functionality and keep it looking like iOS.

    • Blip dude

      Yes, this!!!! Some people might see bioprotect as pointless, but the option of having 2 passcodes on my phone (1 for phone access, 1 for app access), is great.

  • Well thanks for the kind words 🙂

    To be fair though, there are really 2 types of programmers in the jailbreak community. The first group (and by far the largest) are the people who make the tweaks. And the second group are the researchers that spend months – years working on finding bugs, testing exploits, and figuring out how to use them to jailbreak the device.

    Once you know this you realize that not all jailbreakers are the same. I can write apps for jailbroken phones and distribute them in Cydia if I wanted, but I wouldn’t even claim to know where to start to take iOS 11 and develop my own exploits to create a stable jailbreak. Someone like me (and the vast majority of jailbreakers) wouldn’t benefit Apple at all if we were hired (unless we had a proven track record of highly desired and innovative tweaks). But in that case Apple would be hiring us for our unique views and ideas and not to fix security.

    But that aside, Apple does have a bounty program for that second group of people and they offer up to $200,000 per bug (depending on severity), and while there are people that take advantage of this, there are others that keep them to sell off to the highest bidder (think of the roughly $1,000,000 that the FBI paid for the exploit to gain access to the iPhone 5c). And there are still others that release them to the community in the form of stable jailbreaks so that people can mod their phones.

    This is one of the reasons I get annoyed at the way many people treat these jailbreak researchers. Giving up that code so we can have jailbreaks for free is the same as them walking away from $200,000 or more. I have crazy respect for those people’s generosity because once you publish that tool it’s out in the wild for Apple to inspect and at that point all bounty opportunities are gone.

  • It seems Apple will never add videopane to iPhones when it’s been out for years now on way older devices.

  • Silvio6

    Here is the main reason why Apple should allow Jailbreaking. To allow creativity.
    These ideas would never have made it to an iOS otherwise…

  • Shinonuke

    For some weird reason, I opened this page thinking that there would be a video with Ben narrating the 13 features.

  • Arjan Vlek

    Files app and iFile???

    • I don’t think it’s the same concept. You can’t access the iOS filesystem with Files. This is just a way to access all your cloud services in one place.

  • Young God

    Shouldve borrowed more

  • Syjic_666

    The most important jailbreak tweak of all IMO – is ‘SwipeSelection’ (accompanied with ‘SwipeShiftCaret’)- as of now only a badly designed version for the iPad has been implemented, the controls are too sensitive for me to find use over the basic magnification cursor control. Why not simply make it a drag-speed-control sensitivity? It makes no sense! Unless it’s just me that finds this drag difficult…

  • Cabotin

    CC customizations and Data toggle were why I was jailbreaking. Not needed anymore.

  • Neal Honickman

    I would like virtual home jailbreak tweak and schedule sms

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    I wonder if Apple can implement themes and tweaks into the app store, that way we get the freedom and they still get to keep the control.

  • Sheree

    Is there a way to close running apps all at once instead of one at a time? I had a LG phone and it had a button for closing all running apps with one touch. Really liked it, but miss it on my IPhone 7 plus. 🙁