KBColor lets jailbreakers colorize the keyboard & scroll bar, among other things

If there’s one thing that almost every jailbreaker likes to do after they learn that they’re free from Apple’s restrictive clutch, it’s giving the iOS user interface a fresh coat of paint.

In many cases, this means tinting the operating system with your favorite color scheme, or changing the color of smaller components of the user interface that you don’t like as they come out of the box. This includes the iPhone’s keyboard, and if you’re interested in giving the keyboard a new splash of color, then a jailbreak tweak called KBColor by iOS developer Mostafa can provide enough customization to help you get the job done.

The Epomaker NT68 is a compact mechanical keyboard designed to sit on top of your MacBook’s keyboard

If you're a fan of mechanical keyboards, but feel forced to use a scissor-switch keyboard instead (or, worse, Apple's butterfly keyboard!), then Epomaker may have just unveiled a worthwhile option for you.

This new mechanical keyboard (via The Verge) is a compact option, designed to be easily portable so you can bring it with you wherever you might need to get some typing done. The idea is pretty unique, albeit not exclusive: a small keyboard that's designed to sit right on top of the built-in keyboard on your MacBook. Size wise, it'll fit right atop the 12-inch MacBook's butterfly keyboard.

Some of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14’s keyboard

We’ve been on a mission to increase the visibility of quality jailbreak tweaks for specialized areas of iOS for quite a few weeks now, having already showcased curated lists for Control Center, the Home Screen, the Messages app, and the Now Playing interface. But believe us when we say we aren’t stopping there.

Given that the keyboard is something that most iPhone and iPad users will interact with hundreds of times each day, this seemed like another important niche that needed attention. That’s why today we will be curating a list of some of the best jailbreak tweaks for augmenting the keyboard on jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

Obtain your iPhone’s UDID with ease via the new Unique jailbreak tweak

Getting to your iPhone or iPad’s UDID (unique device identifier) is more work than it should be. Ordinary users can connect their device to a computer or visit a specialized website to view their handset’s UDID. Jailbreakers have the option find their UDID in their favorite package manager.

But even after finding it, there’s sometimes a need to copy and paste the UDID elsewhere, such as for certain jailbreak tweak activations and other fringe scenarios.

Silence keyboard clicks when using Bluetooth audio devices with BluetoothNoClicks

I use Bluetooth audio devices just as often as the next guy — whether it’s a pair if AirPods or Bluetooth headphones for personal music consumption or taking a phone call, or a simple Bluetooth speaker to keep the party raging.

As much as I love the convenience wireless audio transmission for these purposes, one thing that really annoys me is the pecking and popping of my keyboard on these Bluetooth devices when I’m typing a text message reply or searching the web.