Noctis9 adds a dark mode to many transparent interfaces in iOS

Many iPhone and iPad users have wanted some kind of dark mode setting for ages, and the energy was even more hyped up after Apple debuted dark mode on macOS for the first time.

That’s where a new jailbreak tweak called Noctis9 comes in, as it brings a system-wide dark mode to various transparent elements of iOS, including, but not limited to Control Center and 3D Touch menus.

This tweak is a long shot from full-blown night mode tweaks like Eclipse and Nightmode9, since they theme all of your apps too, but because this tweak focuses more on the transparent aspects of iOS, it might be cool to combine them together for a richer dark iOS experience.

Noctis9 also darkens the volume HUD, application dock, and application folders, all of which are typically a light-colored blur in terms of background color. The effects of more interfaces, including the HUD and dock, are seen in the examples below:

Noctis9 is completely customizable, so after you install the tweak, you can head over to the new preferences pane in the Settings app:

From here, you get all the following options:

  • Enabling or disabling the tweak on demand
  • Choosing the darkness level you want
  • Enabling or disabling the effect for the dock
  • Enabling or disabling the effect for application folders
  • Using a specific color for the darkening effect instead of black
  • Choosing a time period after which the effects should be disabled

What’s nice about the configuration options you’re given is that you can choose your own colors and time periods for when the colors take effect. This effectively lets you set the darker colors for later hours of the day, allowing them to return back to normal during the brightest time of the day for viewing comfort.

Of course, even during the day, having a dark UI is nothing to be afraid of, so some people might opt for the darker UI 24/7 rather than setting a time limit on it.

No matter what you might like to use, whether the stock dark color or a custom color, Noctis9 is a great way to bring a high-quality dark mode to various parts of iOS. Keep in mind, however, that you would still need to use a complimentary jailbreak tweak like Eclipse or Nightmode9 to bring the effect into full swing for your apps and other UIs across the system.

Noctis9 can be had for $2.00 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository, which might seem like a bit of a steep price at first glance, but because there are two developers behind its creation, the profits are split between the both of them.

This version of the tweak is designed for jailbroken iOS 9 devices only. An iOS 10 version of the tweak is also coming to Cydia soon and is currently only available on the developer’s personal store. It will be released in Cydia once store purchases are enabled on for iOS 10 jailbreak, which could take a while as the iOS 10 jailbreak is still currently in beta.

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