Low Power Mode

Upgrade the boring low power banner on jailbroken iOS with Surge

As you run your iPhone’s battery far into the danger zone, iOS displays a low power banner to let you know that you should visit a charger as soon as you can.

The low power banner that comes with a stock installation of iOS is particularly barebones, and could do with some spicing up. TitanD3v seems to agree with this sentiment, and a such, a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed Surge has been conceived.

LPM Enabler lets jailbroken iPads utilize Low Power Mode ahead of iPadOS 15

One of the things iPadOS 15 will do for the iPad is port the iPhone’s handy Low Power Mode feature to Apple’s tablet for when the battery needs preserving.

It’s a shame that it took Apple so long to implement Low Power Mode on iPads out of the box, especially considering that it’s not a particularly complicated or unreasonable feature. But if you’re a jailbreaker, then you needn’t wait for iPadOS 15 to be released later this Fall to enjoy Low Power Mode on the iPad.

Conserve your jailbroken iPhone’s battery more effectively with LowLock

The more we continue to depend on our smartphones to get through our daily lives, the more we’ll consequently demand from our handset’s battery. Unfortunately, a slew of different factors can result in unwanted battery drain.

Apple’s Low Power Mode is a good way to ease the strain on your iPhone’s battery throughout the day, but using it generally requires that the user toggle a switch. For many people, it’d be more ideal if Low Power Mode offered a more intelligent power savings when the iPhone’s full power wasn’t required.

Electrifying gives jailbreakers an upgraded low power alert & charging UI

If you’re harder on your iPhone than most, then you might be somewhat familiar with the low power alert that appears when your battery level drops to a certain percentage. For what it’s worth, Apple is a large company with vast resources, and so it’s somewhat thought-provoking to think that this alert hasn’t received much of a redesign over the years.

Fortunately, jailbreakers won’t need to wait for Apple to take action. Electrifying a newly released jailbreak tweak by iOS developer SouthernGirlWhoCode that brings a redesigned low power alert to the iOS platform, complete with user-configurable features to personalize the interface however you might see fit.

Puck brings an ultra low power mode to jailbroken devices

Some people are more battery conscious than others, but some folks truly don’t mind letting their battery level get so low that it lurks in the danger zone — a state of inevitable automatic shutdown.

If you align with the latter camp and you’re using a jailbroken device, then this may pose problems for tweak reliability and usability because modern jailbreaks tend to be semi-tethered or semi-untethered. With that in mind, a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called Puck by iOS developer Litten may be a handy addition to handsets that see deeper battery drain than others on a regular basis.

PowerUp can help jailbreakers charge their iPhones faster

My iPhone's battery often finds itself scrambling to catch a charge before I leave for the day, whether it’s an all-day outing or a short trip to the grocery store. In any case, it would be helpful if my iPhone could charge faster than it already does out of the box, and it’s axiomatic that most iPhone users would agree.

On stock devices, users could enable Low Power Mode while charging to juice up their handset’s battery faster, but if you’re jailbroken, then you can take advantage of a far more effective solution that comes in a form of a new and free jailbreak tweak dubbed PowerUp by iOS developers Kurrt and Squiddy.

Sentinel puts your iPhone into hibernation mode before it can succumb to a dead battery

Rebooting your iPhone or iPad is often viewed as a big no-no in the jailbreak community, especially since all modern jailbreaks are either semi-tethered or semi-untethered, which means having to re-run the tool after a reboot to return to a jailbroken state.

In some cases, a reboot may seem unavoidable because your handset’s battery runs out before you can get to a charger. Fortunately, a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called Sentinel by iOS developer MegaDev tries to prevent this from happening by putting your handset into an hibernation-like state when the battery gets too low so that you have more time to get to a charger before a forced shutdown becomes inevitable.

This tweak lets you configure iOS’ Auto Lock on a per-app basis

All iPhones come with a feature out of the box called Auto Lock that can extend the handset’s battery life by automatically putting it to sleep after extended periods of inactivity. Auto Lock can be useful, but usage varies from one person to the next based on the apps they use and how they use them. Fortunately, you can configure certain parameters of Auto Lock such as the timeout period or disabling it in its entirety.

As nice as the aforementioned configurations can be, one thing that appears to be missing is a way to configure iOS’ Auto Lock on a per-app basis. It’s a simple concept that I think would solve one of the most substantial deal-breakers for a bevy of iPhone users, and that’s one reason why I like the concept behind a free jailbreak tweak called DoNotAutoLock13 by iOS developer moyashi.