Low Power Mode

How to automatically enable Low Power Mode when your iPhone reaches a specific battery percentage

iPhone mockup showing Shortcuts app automation that enables Low Power Mode automatically at any set battery percentage

When your iPhone battery falls to 20%, you see a popup asking if you would like to turn on Low Power Mode. But what if you don't want to wait for it to reach that low before being asked to enable the power-saving mode?

Sure, you can manually switch on Low Power Mode anytime you like using one of these three methods. Or, you can automate this task and have your iPhone automatically enter Low Power Mode at the battery percentage of your choosing.

For example, if you want your iPhone to activate Low Power Mode when the battery falls below 40%, 50%, or any other level, you can easily do that.

Upgrade the boring low power banner on jailbroken iOS with Surge

As you run your iPhone’s battery far into the danger zone, iOS displays a low power banner to let you know that you should visit a charger as soon as you can.

The low power banner that comes with a stock installation of iOS is particularly barebones, and could do with some spicing up. TitanD3v seems to agree with this sentiment, and a such, a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed Surge has been conceived.

LPM Enabler lets jailbroken iPads utilize Low Power Mode ahead of iPadOS 15

One of the things iPadOS 15 will do for the iPad is port the iPhone’s handy Low Power Mode feature to Apple’s tablet for when the battery needs preserving.

It’s a shame that it took Apple so long to implement Low Power Mode on iPads out of the box, especially considering that it’s not a particularly complicated or unreasonable feature. But if you’re a jailbreaker, then you needn’t wait for iPadOS 15 to be released later this Fall to enjoy Low Power Mode on the iPad.