Some of the best TrollStore-compatible apps for iOS 14.0-15.4.1

TrollStore is one of the best ways to install powerful apps on your iPhone or iPad running iOS or iPadOS 14.0-15.4.1 (and some 15.5 betas). Not only that, but those apps will also remain permanently signed because of the CoreTrust bug that it exploits, so you won’t have to re-sign those apps like you would after using something like AltStore or Sideloadly.

Best apps for TrollStore

Please note that TrollStore will never support any firmware newer than the ones mentioned above. So if you’re wondering about using these apps on any firmware newer than iOS or iPadOS 15.4.1 or some 15.5 betas, then you’re unfortunately out of luck.

We’ve covered a ton of TrollStore-supported app releases over the past several months, and since there isn’t a centralized App Store or package manager for TrollStore apps so to speak, this seemed like a good opportunity to forge a post about some of what we believe are the best TrollStore add-ons worth checking out.

The best TrollStore apps


TrollTools updated to version 2.1.

At the top of our list is an app called TrollTools, which provides a one-stop-shop-like app to TrollStore users who want to make the most of the CoreTrust bug without installing a plethora of apps to do so.

TrollTools started out as a way to theme passcode buttons, change notification badges, and customize Shortcuts app banners, but it has expanded so much since the initial release back in October. In fact, version 3.0 launched just last week with a ton of new features and a refreshed user interface.

It’s hard not to recommend TrollTools if you’re a TrollStore user, so make sure to take full advantage of all the features this app brings to the table.

Legizmo Kincaid

Legizmo Kincaid pairing process.

Legizmo Kincaid was perhaps one of the most sought after TrollStore app releases to date, and it effectively lets those who are holding out on iOS 14 or 15, either because they have or are waiting for a jailbreak, to have their cake and eat it too.

What we mean by that is iOS 14 and 15 holdouts will be able to pair the latest Apple Watches running watchOS 8 (including the brand new Apple Watch Ultra) to their handset without upgrading to iOS 16. This is particularly useful if you want the latest Apple Watch and wish to be able to jailbreak if and when something comes out.

Localisation Changer

Spoofing your location with Localisation Changer for TrollStore.

Being able to spoof your location is a valuable capability that can trick apps into thinking you reside in a place you don’t. You can’t typically do this without a jailbreak, but the Localisation Changer app for TrollStore lets you do this without one.

After picking a location you wish to spoof, you can activate the location simulation and the app will trick most of your apps into thinking you’re at that location instead of using your true GPS coordinates.

With great power comes great responsibility. While this is an awesome technique, try not to get banned from your favorite apps and games!


AirTroller AirDrop spamming utility for iOS.

If you love pranking people, then the AirTroller app would be right up your alley.

This brilliant app for TrollStore can find nearby AirDrop recepients and spam them with file send requests. The spamming happens at just the right interval that the receiver can’t actually accept the transfer, but instead, they’ll be bombarded with one request after another.

Just wait until you see their face!

CarTube for TrollStore

You can’t ordinarily watch YouTube videos on your vehicle’s CarPlay-enabled infotainment system because car manufacturers lock you out of this capability to be in compliance with state and federal laws.

At your own risk, you can skirt around this lockout with a TrollStore add-on called CarTube for TrollStore, which adds a CarPlay-compatible YouTube app to your Home Screen with other perks baked right in.

Be smart and make sure to drive safely and only use this feature when your vehicle isn’t in motion!


Filza file manager running on iOS 15 via TrollStore.

Filza is a file manager app that has traditionally only been available for jailbroken devices, but the developers do offer a jailed version of the app specifically for TrollStore users.

While you obviously won’t have the same read and write privileges for certain parts of your filesystem that you would have on a jailbroken device, the fact remains that you can use Filza to modify some files or utilize your device’s storage space to your liking.


Evyrest automatic wallpaper changer for Jailbroken devices and TrollStore.

Some people like to keep their iPhone’s wallpaper looking fresh so that they always have something new to look at, and while the Shortcuts app supports randomizing wallpapers automatically starting in iOS and iPadOS 16, that’s not the case in iOS and iPadOS 15 or older.

The Evyrest app for TrollStore allows users to have the same capability. It sources images from Unsplash and rotates them out occasionally so that you aren’t always looking at the same wallpaper day after day.


Do you like the idea of customizing your Wallet app’s credit card faces without having to jailbreak your device? If you said yes, then Cardio is an app you need to check out right away.

With Cardio, you can easily swap out the face of any Apple Pay card with an image of your choice. The concept is like a jailbreak tweak we showed you called Sydney, however it’s a little more limited in comparison.


Appabetical sorts Home Screen icons.

Some people like sorting their Home Screen icons by apps they use most often, hiding the ones they rarely access. Others have different ways of keeping organized.

The Alphabetical app for TrollStore allows users to sort their potentially over-cluttered Home Screens quickly and efficiently using one of several sorting methods, including alphabetical order and by color.

While it won’t be ideal for everyone, especially those who sort based on app usage workflows, it’s certainly an interesting concept for a non-jailbroken device.


BlizzardBoard Var Mobile Themes

If you’re one to customize your Home Screen’s app icons with something other than the stock aesthetic, then BlizzardBoard is a TrollStore app that might catch your attention.

BlizzardBoard allows users to quickly apply theme bundles to their Home Screen, whether they’re in .deb format or .zip format. If they’re in .deb format, then the app converts them to .zip files so that they can be applied on a non-jailbroken device.

BlizzardBoard appears to use the Shortcuts-based theming method, so there are a couple of caveats compared to theming on a jailbroken device with SnowBoard, but it’s still a cool way to grab people’s attention.


TrollBox app user interface.

TrollBox is another app, similar to TrollTools, that offers all-in-one system customization capabilities.

Many of the options in TrollBox are similar to what you might find in TrollTools, however as they’re different tools, one may look or work better than the other in a way that comes down to user preference.


Mugunghwa options to configure.

Once one of TrollTools’ biggest competitors, Mugunghwa is yet another system customization app that allows users to do things such as customize their Home Screen’s app icon badges, the passcode buttons, and the likes.


Convert .deb files into .ipa files with this TrollStore app.

The TrollStore application accepts .ipa and .tipa apps for installation on your compatible iPhone or iPad, but some apps offered by way of package managers are in .deb format instead.

With the deb-to-ipa-app app for TrollStore, you can convert some of those .deb-based apps into .ipa or .tipa apps so that they can be installed via TrollStore.

Please note that while this functionality can come in handy, it may not work for every app as some apps have jailbreak-only dependencies.


Output of IconExporter TrollStore add-on.

Sometimes you need a workable image of an app icon from your Home Screen for a Photoshop project you might be working on, and they can be somewhat difficult to come by.

With the IconExporter app, you can batch export every one of your Home Screen apps’ icons into a .zip file and then save them to your Files app or share them elsewhere.

After saving, you can optionally use the Pixelmator Mobile app’s built-in Machine Learning-based resolution enhancing capability to make those images larger while maintaining quality. Results may vary.


TrollApps for TrollStore.

While there isn’t an official App Store or package manager-like user experience for TrollStore, the TrollApps app tries to offer one.

This app brings a lot of projects under the same umbrella so that you can easily find and install those projects on your device with a tap.

Resolution Setter

Change the resolution of your iPhone's display via TrollStore's Resolution Setter app.

You can use the Resolution Setter app for TrollStore to change the native resolution of your iPhone’s display.

While things probably won’t look as good if you do this, why not?


TrollStore is a unique app that unlocks customization and capabilities that some of us never would have imagined slipping past Apple’s tight grip on iOS and iPadOS.

While it’s far from a jailbreak, it provides a way to permanently install unsigned apps onto your iPhone, including those with elevated privileges. This is what gives us the ability to customize so many things even without a jailbreak.

What are your favorite apps for using with TrollStore? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.