New ‘TrollApps’ TrollStore app attempts to offer App Store-like experience for sideloadable apps

TrollApps is a newly released app that TrollStore users can sideload and perma-sign on their iPhone or iPad to mimic an App Store-like experience for finding and downloading third-party apps.

TrollApps for TrollStore shows a list of available apps to install.

Just like the App Store, TrollApps tries to bring all available software options into one convenient place, complete with “Get” buttons that users can tap on to download a selected app. The concept is to make it easier for users to discover more apps that they can install via TrollStore.

We tested TrollApps ourselves and found that while it certainly makes installing TrollStore-compatible apps easier, it feels like it’s lacking in some areas. For example, you can’t tap on an item in the available apps list to see information about that app, so you’re instead stuck looking at an app icon and a name and trying to guess what the app does.

Additionally, the list of available apps is quite limited, but we suspect the list will grow with time, especially since this is only the first day that TrollApps was made available. For example, we see that sourcelocation’s TrollTools system customization app is available in the TrollApps list, but not the competing Mugunghwa app by Soongyu Kwon.

It’s worth noting that Kwon and sourcelocation have been in the mix of some online drama over the past couple of days, and if TrollApps hopes to be a realistic App Store-like experience for TrollStore users, then we would hope it plays a neutral stance between the two developers and wouldn’t hesitate to host both packages. At this time, the lack of a Mugunghwa offering could simply be because the TrollApps developer hasn’t gotten to it yet, so it’s too early to judge.

Apart from the gripes noted above, TrollApps looks like it could have the potential to improve the TrollStore user experience by making it easier for users to discover and use sideloadable apps for their iPhone or iPad. We excitedly hope that the app catalog will grow larger as more TrollStore-compatible apps are released, and we’d really like to see more details about each app, perhaps with screenshots to accompany them.

It’s worth noting that TrollApps is only compatible with iOS & iPadOS 15.0 and later, so if you have an iOS or iPadOS 14 device, then you won’t be able to use TrollApps.

You can learn more about TrollApps in the /r/jailbreak release post shared just this morning. The project is available to download from the developer’s GitHub page.

Do you plan to give the new TrollApps platform for TrollStore a try? Let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.